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Monthly Archives: June 2007

I made what I feel was my most meaningful ride to date on 20 June 2007. I was in a group of riders who were escorting the remains of a fallen Airman from the Nashville airport to the funeral home. The term emotional doesn’t begin to describe how I felt. The Metro Nashville Police department provided us with ten motor officers for escort. I have an entirely new respect for what these officers do. The way they ride their cycles is a sight to behold. The skill in how they work their magic with traffic is amazing. The respect in which they showed our Airman was touching to say the least.
Patriot Guard Riders is a group that anyone can join. You don’t even have to ride a scooter to be a member. there is absolutely no cost involved in membership. Respect for the Men and Women of our armed forces and their families and a love of your country is all you need. Standing to show respect to the Men and Women who have given the ultimate sacrifice for this country and really for each and every one of us is the least we can do. No matter what you political views are or your social status or anything you’ve got to respect those who fight on the frontlines so that our freedoms remain in tact here in the United States of America.
Check out this site for information on supporting this organization.

I’ve spent the past week or so enjoying many things. Most of which have envolved riding my scooter. I really don’t have this thought out very well so I’m just gonna ramble a bit about the things I’ve seen and heard.
I spent a wonderful afternoon getting to know a pretty little gal. Well ok so it went into the evening too. Yup I missed a cookout and have a new nickname to show for it as well. Most folks would have been ashamed and shyed away from the group after such an endeavour. I rode right into the midst of them the very next day and spent all day with them. I learned one thing if nothing else, Sometimes it is great to be around people and make great friendships.
On friendships I must give credit to my friend Tori for putting me back onto the pathway of getting to know people. I’m just gonna type a line or two about my memories of the past week or so and hopefully ya’ll can make some sense out of it.
I’ve heard the distant sound of a large group of V-twins rumbling to life. It made my skin tingle as the rumble came closer and closer. Hopefully some of the pictures will turn out from the ride to Fall Creek Falls.
I spent Memorial Day 2007 riding with some of my new and dearest friends. I stood on the square in Lynchburg, Tn. and listened to a WWII vetran and a Korean War vetran teach me about freedom. I just thought I knew what freedom was. My eyes swelled up with tears hidden behind my mirrored sunglasses listening to one lone bugalar play taps as Vietnam Vet raised the American Flag. I saw another WWII Vet place a wreath at the war memorial and salute all the fallen service men and women from our past.
I’ve ridden 500 plus miles in a day with friends just so that I could take a picture at one of our state parks. I’ve seen the true America that still lives off the beaten path. I’ve spent time picking at a beautiful young woman with my friends and relished at the thought of the smiles on all our faces as we reminised of our visit.
I’ve stood on the campus of the University of the South and talked at length with a man just because I was riding a Harley. I’ve taken a picture of a beautiful young woman who just wanted to sit on my scooter. I’ve stood at the feet of the war memorial cross at Sewanee and looked out into the valley below. I’ve almost made it into position for a picture with four of my friends but didn’t. I’ll keep that picture just because it will remind me of that wonderful ride.
I’ve led a ride from Opryland Hotel to Murfreesboro, Tn. with motorcycles behind me as far as you could see. I shared breakfast with strangers who became friends all because we have a passion for Harley-Davidsons.
I led a ride from Murfreesboro to Lynchburg with 40 bikes who started out as strangers and became my friends. I met famous people who thanked me for showing them some of the beautiful backroads Tennessee has to offer. I enjoyed a coke float at the soda fountain in the drugstore on the square in Lynchburg. I laughed as two lovely young women pestered each other about their boyfriends. I met a couple from Canada that the man barely spoke english and the lady didn’t speak any. She smiled as I talked with her husband about the fact that she had just completed a rider’s course and obtained her own motorcycle licence. I drank a little 8oz. coke bought for me as a token of appreciation for my being a tour guide. That was the best coke I’ve drank in years.
I could go on and on but suffice it to say I had a wonderful vacation. Yes Brian I’ve turned the corner brother. I’m learning to allow friendships to grow. I’m learning to enjoy the company of people again. I’m learning how much that I don’t know about America. But most of all I’m learning how much that I do love this wonderful country of ours.
Thanks Ya’ll,