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Monthly Archives: August 2007

The title pretty well says it. Today I rode down to Dickson, Tennessee with some of my scooter friends. Two of which were with me Tuesday to escort the wall. I knew this display was something special but didn’t fully understand what it meant until today. I don’t know that I’ll ever make it to the original wall in Washington, D.C. but I do fully understand the importance of this monument now.
The sight of the wall displaying all the names of the fallen men and women from the Viet Nam War is sobering to say the least. Having somewhere for the families and loved ones to be able to bring closure to their loss is extremely important. Moreover letting the veterans know that we as a people and a country care and appreciate their service to both this country and their fellow countrymen is extremely important.
I tried to soak in the somber and reverent mood surrounding the display. I’m not certain that I can convey that feeling here. I saw children with their parents leaving flowers for grandparents that they’ll never know other than through the memories of others. I saw women leaving notes to their boyfriends from long ago who went off to war and never returned. Most importantly I saw battle hardened veterans dealing with the pain of their fallen brothers and sisters in arms. I thank God Almighty for the willingness of these men and women to sacrifice for the wellbeing of mankind. Were it not for these brave men and women and their sacrifices we wouldn’t be afforded the liberties of this great nation that we live in today.
Hopefully in some small way those of you reading this can get a feeling of what it was like to visit this memorial. I trust you will be able to read the messages left by those fulfilling promises and by those telling beloved friends and family goodbye. Should you ever have an opportunity to visit either the memorial in D.C. or one of the traveling walls that tour the country I implore you to take time to visit so that you too will know the feelings that I’ve felt this week.

Riding with the Wall

Today I made another one of those memorable rides. I rode with about 700 or so other bikers to escort a replica of the Viet Nam Memorial from Nashville to Dickson. It would be an understatement to call this a moving experience. The sight of all those bikes rolling together is just breathtaking.
It was nice to see all the patriotism along the way. The sight of citizens waving our country’s flag on overpasses and along the highway was amazing. I hope the soldiers serving in foreign lands as well as here at home will be able to see that the people of this country are worth fighting for. Furthermore I hope the sight of all those bikes riding in honor of all the men and women who’s names are on that wall will comfort their loved ones.
A few weeks ago I was honored to escort the funeral of the father of a boyhood friend. The Patriot Guard brought us back together. I hadn’t seen him in years though I’ve thought of him often. I didn’t even know he was riding motorcycles now. Today I was honored to ride with him in honor of our fallen heroes from The Viet Nam War. Words cannot express the emotions running through my mind.
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