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Monthly Archives: March 2008

I realized today that the distance that we travel on a journey isn’t always measured in miles. It’s been a lazy day for me and I ran a few errands on Doll Baby, nothing special just the regular hohum. As I was taking a back road out of the town I live in headed to the local Harley shop it hit me.

I was passing by the turn off for an old grist mill site that use to have a covered bridge. I drifted off back to when I was a little kid going through that covered bridge on the way to some kin folks house. On one hand it seems like light years ago, but on the other it seems as it was only yesterday.

Thinking about that old two story log home that didn’t have indoor plumbing really brought a smile out of me. They got their water from a well out in the front yard. My great aunt would draw her water to wash with and to drink or bath using that old chain one bucket at a time.

In the back yard was a small wooden outhouse. I thought that was the neatest thing as a kid going out back to do your bussiness. Then ya got to put a scoop of lime down the hole when you were done. Ah the things that amaze a child.

Getting back on the main drag I passed by the cemetary where my uncle is buried. I sure do miss him. He was one of the funniest people to ever set foot on God’s green earth. I would sit for hours on end listening to his stories of all the messes he got himself into throught life. Not to mention my mother and other uncle and aunts telling tales on him.

You see I only rode a few miles today. Less than 30(gasp). But I traveled back through several generations on that little short ride today. It sure does make one sad at times thinking about our beloved family that have passed on before us. In the same token it brings back so many wonderful treasured memories of times gone by as well. I hope I never loose the memory of poor ol’ Uncle Joe and the corn incident at Stucky’s.

Ride Safe



Well it’s finally here. Should I wake up in the moring it will be all down hill from here. That’s right ya’ll, today is the last day of my 30’s. I went out after a looooooooong day at work and took a short ride around town to clear my head. I wanted to ride longer but I just didn’t have it in me. See it’s already sucking to be old……………………….

Ride Safe


It seems that the time is nigh for the many journeys of the year. The big one is a ten day trip from Tennessee all the way up to Maine. I can’t wait! I’ve done multi day bike trips before but never a ten day trip. Hopefully this will be a buildup to the trip out to Seattle that I “REALLY” need to do.

I’m torn on what to do about the blog while I’m gone. I keep kicking the idea of buying a laptop computer to take along with me. That would be nice to keep everyone posted on our progress and to upload the pictures along the way. I don’t know if that will happen before time to depart but we shall see.

The end of April brings with it an overnight trip to Memphis with some of my riding pals. This should be a hoot as well. We always have so much fun anytime that we get together. This not so little group is really more like family than friends. I’ve come to the point that I can’t imagine not having these folks in my life.

The first of May brings us to a grand event. I’ll be heading back down to Memphis to participate in the second annual Chapter Posse Ride. Any of you who are familiar with H.O.G. know that there is a Posse Ride put on by national every year. Well the fine folks in Memphis decided to start a smaller version last year and have their own Posse Ride.

The memories from that ride last year are priceless. It was on this ride that I bonded with my new family. The stories that were told from this one event seem to grow and grow each time I hear them. Just thinking of what my motel room looked like that morning after the party down in Mississippi brings a smile to my face. Imagine the frat house from National Lampoon’s Animal House. NUFF SAID!

These are just the “big” rides that I have planned so far this year. Keep in mind they’ll be many everyday rides and tons of chapter rides as well.

Ride Safe


Here are the results for the 2008 MBI.

MBI Riders Choice – Star Awards

Object of Lust — Ducati Desmosedici RR

Best Concept Motorcycle or Scooter — Honda Evo 6

Best Manufacturer’s Website — BMW Motorrad

Best New in 2007 Scooter — Piaggio MP3 400

Best New in 2007 Motorcycle — Triumph Street Triple 675

Most Environmentally Friendly Motorcycle – ElectricMoto Corporation Blade XT

Wish We’d Thought of That — KTM Bread Toaster

Women Riders Booster of the Year — Lois Pryce (20,000 mile solo ride, Alaska to the tip of South America on a 225cc bike)

Thumbs Up — Ewan McGregor/Charlie Boorman ( Enhanced image of motorcycle riders)

MBI Riders Choice – Fallen Star Awards

Most Disappointing Motorcycle – Suzuki B-King

Thumbs Down — Loud Pipes Save Lives

What Were They Thinking — Babecage

Worst Manufacturer’s Website — Cycleport/Motoport

The Riders Choice Awards are unique in that the nominees and winners are chosen by every day riders around the world, not by professional journalists. The awards reflect the judgment of the motorcycle buying public, not motorcycle industry insiders.
Anyone could vote, there was no restriction on age, gender or country. Even non-riders could vote. No registration, nor email addresses were required. However, a system of storing and analyzing IP addresses was put in place to minimize duplicate voting.
About MBIMBI (whose motto is “Riding and writing is what we do”) is a group of 161 international motorcycle weblog authors from China to Chile.
Membership is open to any motorcycle rider who maintains an active motorcycle-related Internet weblog or news web site with original commentary. With a combined readership over 5 million readers per month, the awards represent a true feeling what lives amongst the biker communities. The awards are not given by professional journalists, commercial publications or companies, but by the public.
More information about MBI, its members and the complete list of nominees will be found at the MBI web site
Interview Contact: Mike WernerTelephone: +33-2-35297230
This is a copy of the News Release that Mike sent out………..

I truely enjoy riding with all my pals. That said, I still have to have a solo journey every now and again. Sunday let me enjoy the best of both worlds. Let me start off by saying that I was lazy and didn’t get started til damn near 8am. Granted I had intended to start much sooner.
I fueled Doll Baby up and jumped on the interstate to run up to Owensboro, Kentucky where my pal Spydie lives. Now you must realize that I get 3150 miles of interstate driving weekly so I’m not fond of my scooter time being spent on the super slab unless there is a reason for it. Today was one of those times.
Nothing too exciting happened other than one crotchety old bastard shooting a woman the bird. I couldn’t help but laugh at this old guy. Some day I’ll get there myself. The look of pleasure he had on his face was priceless. I think he may possibly be in a gang as well seeing as he shot the finger sideways.

I need to tell ya a little about Spydie. He’s one of the nicest people you could ever hope to know. In fact he gave me a birthday present since the day is coming later this week. For the first time ever out of all the bikes I’ve ridden, I have a bell. I know this bell thing means different things to different folks. For me it will be a emblem of the friendship that I share with this man. He’s been there through the good and the dark times. In fact you can credit him and his 2003 FLHT for making me get another ride.

Our first park was Dunbar Cave State Natural Area . This park is located in Clarksville, Tennessee. Our route from Owensboro led us down hwy 81 down to Madisonville, Kentucky. It was there that we took US 41 down to Clarksville. We took a short break at the visitor’s center and plotted how much time we had left in the day. That gets back to the fact that I was lazy and didn’t leave at 6 am like I had planned. Oh well, guess I’m getting soft in my old age. Before you know it the AARP will be sending out my discount card.

Leaving Clarksville we took state hwy 13 down to Waverly, Tennessee. This is one motorcycle rode. Lots of twisties to enjoy. By now it was time to refuel and take another short break. We were only a short ride over the our next stop of the day.
Johnsonville State Historic Area is located on the banks of the Tennessee river. This entire town was moved back in the 1940’s before the river was damned to make Kentucky lake.
We took another photograph on the little gravel road leading through the park and then started our trip toward Nashville. Driving east on US 70 we passed through the rolling hills of Middle Tennessee. Before long we had made our way through Dickson and White Bluff. This ride was like damn near every ride I take in that I didn’t want it to end.
Jumping back on the interstate in Nashville we soon parted ways. I always hate to see Spydie heading off. I’m not sure how many miles he wound up with for the day, but I had 443. All in all not a bad way to spend a late winter day. I rode through two states and had both a solo journey and a ride with my best friend.
Ride Safe

I rushed home from work today with every intention of taking the freshly bathed Doll Baby for a spin. Well as my luck would have it that particular ride had a setback. You see I’d heard a rattle the other day while I was riding and couldn’t really locate what it was. Finally I decided it was the heel toe shifter needing a lil’ tightning.

You know the drill. I washed her and put her in the garage and forgot all about the rattle. Well today the rattle didn’t forget about me. I had already put my vest on and was letting Doll Baby warm up as I pulled my chin strap tight. That’s right, she’s carborated. When I started to ease her back out of the garage I heard something metal hitting the concrete floor.

Well it was the linkage that had worn and fallen off of the front. A quick check of the time and I realized the Harley shop was still open. I grab two wrenches and take the other end of the linkage off and call the shop as I back my truck out of the drive. Yes they have the part and I tell em I’m on the way don’t lock up till I get there. The fact that damn near everyone at the dealership knows me doesn’t always hurt. Sometimes it does but not today.

After making a couple of other stops, seeing as I was in town, I make my way back home to fix this little problem. All the while I’m catching up with one of my Ham Radio pals. Thanks to speaker phone on the cell no less. Oh did I mention I was gonna get to bed early tonight. Right.

Ok so every repair needs a test run right? Well as my luck would have it I forgot to bring my lunch bag home today. See I really was in a hurry to get home and ride. That’s all the excuse I need to get out on Doll Baby. I just love the feel of a cool 57 degree late winter night. What a great way to wind down for the day.

Ride Safe


I finally gave in ya’ll. That’s right I finally washed my bike. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a nice shiny bike as much as anyone. I just haven’t been able to make myself take the time to clean Doll Baby up in a long long time. I like to say that she’s for go and not for show.

Something happened the other day that made me decide to get out the bucket and soap. Ya see one of my fellow H.O.G. chapter members took a picture of my bike Sunday. He said that we were gonna have a dirtiest bike contest and he was sure I’d win. Even that was plain enough for me to understand.

So today after taking my little 630 mile daily drive at work I went for a short ride. Don’t think that it didn’t kill me to come home early. The skies were clear and blue and the temp was in the upper 70’s. Don’t get too excited because it was only a fast knock the dust off wash job. She still has plenty of character left on her.

Ride Safe


I get a call today on the warm line telling me I had better get up to the Harley-Davidson dealership. Oh let me first say that my lazy worn out ass was asleep in my recliner. I jumped up to answer the phone while at the same time wiping the drool from my chin. The voice on the other end says “you aren’t riding today?”. I suppose I have somewhat of a reputation.

It seems one of my good friends and riding partners has decided to procure a new ride. This lovely lady has ridden many miles with me. Let me tell you that she can ride the hell out of a motorcycle. She can ride the figure 8 box with the best of em.

The new ride is a 2003 FLHR Fireman’s edition Road King. She’s a beauty too. Loaded with lots of shiny chrome and all the 100th anniversary edition emblems to boot. This bike is perfect for Karen. She loves flames and bright red. Just check out her chaps. Oh and word has it from a reliable source that this bike is capable of going faster than the 107 mph that a certain someones Electra Glide Classic will do.

Congratulations Karen on the new ride!

Ride Safe


I know I was bragging last week about riding in shirt sleeves and 77 degree temps. Um well this weekend it’s time to pay the fiddler. Yes we have around 3 or 4 inches of snow and freezing temps. And I had some great miles planned for this weekend too. Oh well. I suppose this gives me a feeling of what it’s like for my new friends in the colder climates . It’s killing me thinking I may not be able to ride all weekend. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have this stuff for a couple of months. Don’t worry folks relief is close at hand. The forcast for the upcoming week has high temps in the upper 50’s and lower 60’s.

Ride Safe


Have you ever thought about why you ride? This has really been on my mind of late. Let me share with you some of the reasons why it is that I ride a motorcycle.

I ride because it is an amazing form of therapy. I can be having the worst day and within seconds of taking off on a ride things look better. Something about the sounds and feelings of being on my scooter takes away all of the worrisome stress of life. All that’s wrong is forgotten while I’m out on the bike.

I ride because I enjoy the challenges it presents. I’m constantly trying to improve my riding skills. I feel that I can never get enough skills to make riding too safe. Learning what your bike is capable of doing in a controlled setting comes in handy in the real world. Taking the time to practice the little things comes in handy. Practice your skills enough so that they are second nature and that you don’t have to think you can simply react.

I ride because of the places it takes me. I can travel to some new out of the way destination or over some of my favorite old haunts. Mentally I seem to always go back to special memories as I ride. Reliving fond things from my past which can be enjoyed completely on the inside or shared with others.

I like to ride because it stimulates my senses. Think of any riding experience. You are out there in the elements. Think of the smells of farmland or fresh flowers in the spring. The chill that cold air gives your skin as you enjoy a bright sunny day in the middle of winter. Think of the sounds of nature you experience while resting at some state park alongside a stream. The sights of brilliant fall foliage that you see while cruising a mountain twisty.

I ride because it’s erotic. The beauty of the curves and design of our bikes remind me of a woman’s beauty. Motorcycles, just like women, are eye catching head turners. Much like a wonderful lover we work together with our bikes to fuel this passion we share. We long to spend time together no matter if it’s just a quick little romp or a week long adventure. The more we put into it the more pleasure we get out of it.

I ride because of the people it let’s me meet. The friendships that spawn and thrive during many fun filled journeys are priceless. Perhaps it’s the stranger who feels the need to speak about the bike while I’m refueling. Maybe it’s the little kids that get bright eyed looking at a group of riders passing them on the interstate.

I ride because I can do it alone. I ride because I can do it as part of a group. I ride because it brings me happiness and peace. These are but a few of the reasons I ride.

Why do you ride?

Ride Safe