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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Should you ever get over into East Tennessee you really must ride down Hwy 360. Traveling from Vonore down to Tellico Plains on this jewel is an absolute delight.
The scenic farmland nestled into the foothills of the Smoky Mountains is simply amazing. I saw this field I knew I needed to stop and share the view. This doesn’t begin to show the beauty of this place. I hope these photographs will wet your appetite.



There is nothing quite like waking to the sound of a thundering V-Twin coming up your street. You see my good friend Spydie was on the way down today so that we could get a little scooter time in together. For one reason or another we hadn’t been able to take a ride.

Now I’m not exactly known for having the cleanest bike around although I have been doing better lately. How great of a friend is it that will rinse your bike off for you after you wash her so that you can get ready to ride? Spydie is a class act all the way.

It was determined that we’d ride up to Port Royal State Park for the start of our ride. Port Royal is located northeast of Clarksville, Tennessee near the town of Adams. Perhaps you’ve heard of Adams before. It is well known for a witch that haunted the Bell family many years ago. Even “Old Hickory” himself had a run in with her. For those of you who don’t know who that is……..Andrew Jackson….president of the United States.

This part of the country is big time farm land. We even passed an Amish couple in their buggy. Soon we had reached Russellville, Kentucky and took a break. I really wanted to ride up to Owensboro with Spydie but I knew that time wasn’t gonna allow it today. Soon I was headed south down US 431 through some great wheat fields and old barns. I just had to grab a photograph or two so y’all could enjoy the view as well.

All in all this wasn’t any monumental ride but an extremely enjoyable one nonetheless. By the time I made my way back into the garage I had clicked off 247 miles for the day. These little day jaunts always seem to be filled with tons of great memories.


As you can see Steve is one more kinda chick magnet.

“Low Down Dirty Shame” is what it is. I was standing around at the 2008 Tennessee State H.O.G. rally talking to my friend Steve and some folks who we decided were in the witness protection program when something caught my eye. You see there were literally thousands of bikes in and around the rally site. Once you take a gander at this bike you’ll know why it drew my attention.

Here it was a long chopper that was nothing fancy at all but it’s got plenty of soul. Steve and I proceeded to make our way across the parking lot to get a closer look at this beauty. Speaking of beauties, there was a beautiful woman riding bitch on this masterpiece. She was as hard-core as the hard tail she was on. Take a close look at the photographs and you’ll notice that there is no rear seat. That’s right she was sitting on the fender.

I soon found out that this young couple in there twenties was Chase and Stephanie Anderson. Chase was gracious enough to allow me to take a few shots of his bike. You see he built her from the ground up. The frame is custom made. I really loved the crown theme Chase had going on as well.

“Low Down Dirty Shame” is no bar hopper either. Chase said it was nothing during the past three years he’s had the bike for him to ride six or seven hundred miles in a weekend. Stephanie was quick to point out that she didn’t ride on those long rides though. This chopper is reliable as well. Only once has she left Chase stranded.

I’d like to thank Chase and Stephanie for the opportunity to see this piece of work. Chase tells me that he’s also working on a hot rod. How cool is it that this younger generation is keeping “old school” alive?