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Monthly Archives: July 2008

What better way to spend a great summer day than to meet some friends for breakfast? The rendezvous point was Morgantown, Kentucky. The Farm Boy Restaurant was chosen as our food stop. Spydie, Garret, Joey and myself enjoyed some great food to fuel our ride.
Garret led us from Morgantown across hwy 70 over to Mammoth Cave National Park. The landscape was rolling hills and winding roads. Just the sort of ride you need to relax and recharge your batteries. Once we reached the park Garret took us down this enchanting little road to an old Church House and Cemetery. In this small cemetery lies William Floyd Collins. I’d never heard of Mr. Collins until Garret told me of his story. Google Floyd Collins to learn more about this man. What a story his is.
This wonderful spot was very enchanting. There was a flock / covey of butterflies that fascinated me. I’m not certain what you call a group of butterflies other than beautiful.

Winding our way back to I-65 we spotted these little cottages that must have been rented to tourist in bygone years.
Soon we were heading south on the interstate and our visit would come to a close. We briefly stopped at the 48, one of my daily haunts, for a cold drink. Leaving we rode together back to Bowling Green, Kentucky where all too soon we parted ways. There’s something about that last wave to one another of every ride that just touches you deep within your very core.

My three friends were soon heading up the parkway back to Owensboro and Falls of the Rough. I was headed home on my lone journey left with only the reflections in my mind of the days ride. Nothing like sharing those special times with good friends and creating these memories we so enjoy sharing.

Ride Safe,



Fort Loudoun State Historic Area lies just southeast of Vonore, Tennessee on hwy 360.

I found it interresting that they fly Old Glory, the Tennessee State Flag, and the Union Jack

Inside the wonderful visitor’s center there is one of the original canons from the fort. They have lots of artifacts to show what life was like back when this part of the state was concidered the western frontier. The staff does an excellent job of both entertaining visitors and eaducating them. You can watch a couple of movies depicting life in the fort and telling the story of Fort Loudoun.

There are volunteers that depict and interpret what life was life during the 1750’s thus giving the visitors a true feeling of the hardships of that day.

Take the time to visit Tennessee’s State Parks and learn about all the history and wonders of the Volunteer state.
Ride Safe,

I recently had the honor of meeting B.B. I always wondered what B.B. stood for and now I think I know. Could it be Beautiful Becky or Biker Babe? Either way B.B. is a wonderful woman. Dave I have to say you are lucky my friend. It was a joy getting to visit with Becky and her family. Let me say that her parents place looks like something from the pages of Southern Living magazine.

Thanks for the visit Becky,


Tellico Plains Tennessee is a wonderful destination. There are no bad routes into this little motorcycle Mecca. This wonderful little town lies at the western end of the Cherohala Skyway. In fact you can ride the famed Tail of the Dragon US 129, the Cherohala Skyway, the Foothills Parkway and Hwy 360 all in one day. That’s what my friend Dino, Marina and myself did on our trip there.

When you visit Tellico Plains you must stop in the local motorcycle outfitter. Tellico Motorcycle Outfitters is one of those shops you just enjoy visiting. Check out there website at I found a pair of gloves that are exactly what I’ve been looking for. The selection is great. Granted this isn’t a leather shop, but they have tons of riding gear and accessories. I’m certain you can find something you need if you visit them.

The three of us were getting a bit hungry so we asked the owner for a suggestion as to some good food. He was kind enough to call over to Tellico Grains and see if they would stay open for us long enough to eat. I have to tell you that we had the best Rueben sandwiches ever. These were some more kind of powerful good. For dessert I devoured a carrot cake muffin that was nothing short of heavenly. Dino and Marina had a huge cookie that must have been just as good because it didn’t take them anytime to make it disappear.
Riding in East Tennessee is something everyone should do. The scenery and roads are a motorcycle enthusiast’s dream. You most certainly can find some amazing out of the way treasures of your own as well. I can’t wait to get back over there myself. In fact I plan on taking a ride over to Tellico Motorcycle Outfitters in the near future to pick up some more riding gear.

Ride Safe,