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Monthly Archives: August 2008

In keeping with my seasonal pictures of Green’s Overlook at Sewanee, Tennessee I have a summer photograph to add. Of course I have a few more pictures to post as well.  I’ll show you a couple more shots looking out over the valley for you to enjoy.
The view from here is always amazing. I can’t wait to get the Fall photographs from up there. It will be sad in the sense that all four of the seasons will have passed. What an amazing place to just sit and do some thinking or spend time with someone dear to your heart
Leaving Green’s Overlook I rode over to the War Memorial Cross overlook. This is the first view one has of the cross. Sorta makes you wonder doesn’t it?
After soaking in all this food for our soul I was ready for some food for my stomach. I decided to try one of the little Cafes just off the campus of the Universtity of the South. Mountain Breeze was the place of choice.I enjoyed some spaghetti and meatballs outside on the patio.

Ride Safe,