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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Thomas Rickey Patterson
14 February 1949-1 September 2008

Few people in this world make an impact on everyone they meet. Rickey Patterson was one such person. I met Rickey shortly after joining the Murfreesboro HOG Chapter in the winter of 2007. Rickey and his wife Velma embodied the spirit we all strive for in everything they do.

You see I had just come through a couple of very dark and troublesome years in my life. I had pretty much been living life as a hermit and had given up on people. Rickey and Velma were exactly the type of folks I needed in my life. They gave me hope that good people still existed in this world. Rickey was from Selma, Alabama. He served in the U.S. Navy from 1968 through 1972. It was during this time Rickey learned his trade as an Aviation Technician. Rickey was one of those men who could do anything. It didn’t matter if you needed a birdhouse built or a racecar; Rickey knew how to do it.

I have ridden thousands of miles with Rickey over the past couple of years. Miles I will cherish. Rickey loved to map out routes for chapter rides. He and Velma would take off and pre ride some obscure route to some back road place to eat or stay just to make sure it was worthy of taking the chapter to. They have ridden from the Florida Keys all the way up to Maine.

Rickey was a proud man and didn’t hesitate in speaking his mind. One thing is for certain; you always knew where you stood with Rickey. He was an honest man and would do anything he could to help anyone. He never met a stranger. Anyone that ever met Rickey formed a bond with him.
I hope everyone can see just a glimpse of how special this man was by viewing some of the photographs that I’ve included with this post. I can’t begin to convey my love, admiration and respect in these few words about Rickey. He has been such an inspiration and role model for me. The examples Rickey has set by the way he lived his life will be equaled by few here on earth. I know I am just one of many who look forward to getting to heaven and seeing the great rides Rickey has waiting for us to enjoy.
Rickey lived life as a simple man. He loved his country. He loved his family. He loved his friends. Most of all Rickey loved and adored Velma for she was his best friend and soul mate.
Papaw” your shit aint week”.