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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Lowers are a wonderful thing this time of year. They help deflect the cold wind away from your legs and feet…………..that is if you remember to put them on your bike. Note to self………..put the lowers on stupid. Of course I came in and wrote about it instead of putting them on Doll Baby while it was fresh on my mind. Who thinks I’ll remember to put them on before the cold breeze reminds me of it?

Ride Safe,



I’ve been pondering on something recently. It seems I’ve been getting offers about putting advertisements on my blog. Now I know some of you already have them and I would love to hear your input as to whether you think they are worth it or not. For those who don’t have a blog I would really love to hear your thoughts as someone who enjoys reading blogs.

I started Rides Roads and Ronman as a way for me to put my thoughts and feelings down and get them out from inside me. I did this entirely for myself. The fact that so many of you read and comment and especially enjoy my writing and photography is very humbling to me. I am continually amazed at that.

I look forward to reading your thoughts on this. Should you not want your comments published just tell me in your text or email your thoughts to

Ride Safe,


Have you ever had a friend who you haven’t seen in a long time just pop back into your life? Well I would like to introduce you to one such friend. I believe we met back in second or third grade, so you can see we’ve know each other far too long. Yes we both have stories on the other and no we don’t tell everything.

Stuart showed back up last spring one afternoon as I was sitting at the local Harley shop. I didn’t actually see him but there was no mistaking that voice. Before I ever turned my head to look I just said “ Shoeferd, is that you?” I think we decided that it had been close to twenty years since we’d run across one another. The great thing is that we picked right back up where we left off. It seems as though we hadn’t seen each other over a weekend and that’s it.

Shoeferd rides a 2008 anniversary edition Wide Glide. As you can see he’s done a few little things to her just to add a bit of a flare. I like how subtle most of the things are that he’s changed. I hope you enjoy this little look at my good friend and his scooter. By the way ladies, his back seat is available should you want to go for a ride.

Ride Safe,


Well it seems I’ve completed one of the many things that I’ve set out to do this year. I have been able to take a picture at Green’s Overlook during all four of the seasons here in Tennessee. I had hoped the colors would be better for this fall picture but I was about a week to late. I will have to admit that this was a beautiful day to be riding here in Middle Tennessee. Hopefully everyone had enjoyed the seasons through the lens of my camera.

Ride safe,


As most of you know I haven’t been blogging very much of late. In fact it has been almost non existent. For the most part I have been away of my own accord.

From time to time I have to evaluate the path my life is taking. The past few months have been one such time. Many things have changed during this time. I’ve come to know and love someone new in my life as well as having lost someone who was a dear friend and role model. This however is simply how life is. It seems as if we are continually getting to know new folks while at the same time loosing others.

I have struggled with myself in trying to come up with some answers of what direction or path I was going to choose for my future. This next statement will shock most all of you. I have pondered upon selling Doll Baby and getting away from riding for a little while. As you can imagine this has not been an easy process.

A few very close friends have helped me with this decision and for that I am forever grateful. Believe me when I tell you it has been a struggle. I have finally made my mind up. Doll Baby will remain in her home of my garage for now. I have come to understand that Doll Baby has been a major inspiration in my writing. Now how could I let her go.

Many things influenced me in this process. One such thing is the fact that I have yet to complete my goal of visiting all of the Tennessee State Parks. In fact I have recently lost some of the pictures from the last few parks I visited. Mr. Murphy came for a visit and saw fit to kill my desktop computer. With the help of some great friends I was able to get a new hard drive installed and get the computer up and running somewhat.

Still not satisfied with the computer’s performance due to the lack of sound and a couple other luxuries I was ready to upgrade. As luck would have it a life long friend mentioned on the phone one morning about laptops being on sale for $299 at a certain box store. I began to do a tad of research (I called Velma to ask her opinion) and decided to procure one of these little beauties. In fact I am sitting in Memphis, Tennessee waiting on a load to take back to Nashville as I type this blog. Now this is the life.

I know this year is quickly coming to a close but hopefully I can get a couple more state parks under my belt before it ends. I was able to get my fall picture down at Green’s overlook in Sewanee recently and will be posting it in the very near future.

As this post draws to a close I want to thank everyone who reads my blog. Were it not for you reading it and leaving comments this would just be a diary. I especially want to thank the many folks out there who have called and emailed about missing me and my blog the past few months. To know that so many of you are interested in the pictures I take and the words I type is heart warming. What a great honor it is to have so many people out there who care. Thank You!

Ride Safe