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Have you ever had a friend who you haven’t seen in a long time just pop back into your life? Well I would like to introduce you to one such friend. I believe we met back in second or third grade, so you can see we’ve know each other far too long. Yes we both have stories on the other and no we don’t tell everything.

Stuart showed back up last spring one afternoon as I was sitting at the local Harley shop. I didn’t actually see him but there was no mistaking that voice. Before I ever turned my head to look I just said “ Shoeferd, is that you?” I think we decided that it had been close to twenty years since we’d run across one another. The great thing is that we picked right back up where we left off. It seems as though we hadn’t seen each other over a weekend and that’s it.

Shoeferd rides a 2008 anniversary edition Wide Glide. As you can see he’s done a few little things to her just to add a bit of a flare. I like how subtle most of the things are that he’s changed. I hope you enjoy this little look at my good friend and his scooter. By the way ladies, his back seat is available should you want to go for a ride.

Ride Safe,




  1. Dude has a nice looking ride. Kudos for working your blog as your buddy’s wingman! 🙂


  2. Cool picture next to the barn. Looking forward to seeing him at our HOG functions and riding with us all over Tennessee. Seems like a pretty cool dude.

  3. I’ve known Stu for about 30 years now.I can honestly say he is one of those people that when you meet him you know that you will become lifelong friends. You can always count on Stu!!
    ~ Love the barn picture. Granddaddy would have liked that!! I look forward to seeing more of you hanging with the HOGS!
    ~~LOL~~ MURFF

  4. Jay & I have both been a position to catch up with an old friend we haven't seen in double-digits of years. (Check Jay's post about our CT pre-ride) It truly is an awesome feeling!

  5. Glad you were able to hook up with a long lost friend. Good friends, are one of the best things on this planet.

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