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Monthly Archives: January 2009

I’m not sure what is causing the problems with my blog lately. I will keep trying to get the bugs worked out. I know some of you are not able to see the links. This happened on my end once and I thought I had the problem corrected. Seems it’s not fixed yet. If anyone knows what I need to do please feel free to send any information that you may have.




As most of you know I enjoy camping. Recently I purchased a truck camper to enhance my camping experiences. Now I’ve tent camped all my life and I finally decided it was time to take the next step. Don’t get me wrong; I’ll still be tent camping. I mean come on sometimes you just have to pack light and the tent is the perfect shelter.

In keeping with showing others it was time to break in another close friend. You see Spydie had never been camping at all. For several years I’ve tried to get him to go tent camping with no luck. Now that I have the Skamper it was time for him to give in.

We had a day off coming during the holidays so the trip was planned. Our destination would be Tim’s Ford State Park. This would allow us to visit Jack Daniel’s on our way to the campground. Now if you ever get the chance you really should take the time to visit Lynchburg and Jack Daniel’s. Talk about stepping back in time. This small little town still holds onto that mystical charm of days gone by.

Ride Safe,


Every year the Murfreesboro H.O.G. Chapter and Bumpus Harley Davidson of Murfreesboro take part in a Memorial Ride to the Bridge to Nowhere. January 1, 2009 was no exception. This year the weather was not bad at all. The temperature was in the 40’s and the sun was shining.

As you can see from the photograph, we had a large turnout. What better way to start off the New Year than on a ride with friends? I believe there were a total of 68 motorcycles and a handful of cages. I didn’t get a count on the number of people participating.

This year was somewhat emotional for many of us due to the loss of a very close friend this past year. It was an honor to stand high on this bridge above the hills and hollers of Middle Tennessee and take a drink of Gentleman Jack in honor of our loved ones. All shared a toast and thus the new year of riding has begun.

Many different groups and individuals come to this bridge to start off their year. I hope that all of you did something special to kick off 2009 in your own way. May we all have many more years of great rides and wonderful friendships.

Ride Safe,