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Monthly Archives: April 2009


Here it was my 41st birthday and what was I going to do to celebrate?  Well ride Doll Baby with my trusty side kick Spydie.  We left my house in Smyrna en route to Louisville, Kentucky to visit MATS.  What on earth is MATS do you say?  Why that would be the Mid America Truck Show.

You see both Spydie and Myself are truck drivers.  Yes we do both drive pickup trucks but I’m talking about big trucks.  Tractor trailers or tractor trailer trailers.  Here I’ve been trucking going on twenty three years and had never made it to MATS.  Well two double naught nine was gonna be the year.010

We had no particular thing in mind for the day other than to see the truck show, get some riding in, and visit one of the Harley shops in Louisville.  Now even though it was a bright sunny day it was a bit brisk so to speak.  (insert photo here)  Hahaha I thought I would make a note to myself here.  We all remember the lowers incident a few months back.

In the interest of time we took I-65.  Now last year I was on a daytime schedule to Indy so we made a stop at one of my old haunts just to pick at the locals.  Nothing like catching up with the fine folks that slave away at the little fuel stops.  We did some picking with “pretty little mean girl” . Told a few jokes. Enjoyed some peanut butter and crackers and a diet Mt. Dew and off we rode to Louisville.

I always enjoy spending a day on the scooters with Spydie.  Today was the first time I’d really ventured off with Spydie since he stole his new ride.  Honestly I didn’t care too much for the color of the bike until today.  That blue is really easy to spot in the mirrors as you fly along at asphalt altitude as Dave would say.

I can’t think of a better way to spend my birthday than with such a great friend and enjoying our scooters.

Ride Safe,



L ast night I had the great pleasure of enjoying some amazing live music here in Nashville.  If you’ve never heard of James Intveld you need to look him up and give his tunes a try.  What an artist.  This singer songwriter director actor is also a biker.  I’ll just tempt your taste buds on James right now.  You assignment class is to go online and listen to his tunes.  Hint, .  I’ll be posting more on James Intveld in the near future.

Rosie Flores was also at the 5 Spot and let me tell you she knows how to put on a show.  This was the first time I’ve been able to catch Rosie live and what a pleasure it was.  The atmosphere of this little bar on the east side of Nashville was just what the doctor ordered for me.  What better way to start the next chapter in this journey called life.

The crowd last night was very entertaining as well.  It seems that there is this microculture that dresses in the 50’s and 60’s era clothing.  The gals in there little outfits and period hairstyles  were a sight to behold.  Some of these ladies had me thinking of the Nose Art from the bomber planes of  World War II.  How could you not love this?

The ladies were accompanied by their equally dressed men.  Hair slicked back straight from the 50’s.  These men had their chain drive bill folds tucked safely away in the back pockets of their jeans.  Speaking of which they had the cuffs rolled up on both their jeans and their shirts.  I’m not certain but I believe they were even smoking good ole’ non filter camels and lucky strikes.  This sub culture has peaked an interrest in me.  I’m going to find out more about all this.  Fun stuff I tell ya.

James and Rosie weren’t the only two stars at the 5 Spot last night.  Ever heard of the famous rhinestone suites that the country start wear?  Think Porter Wagoner or Marty Stuart.  Manuel is the man that creates these sparkling outfits.  He was out there getting the wicked foot last night with all the beautiful ladies dancing the night away.

Speaking of dancing and famous folks.  There was also another country singer at the 5 Spot.  Now you may not have heard of Tracey K. Houston but if you love classic country music you need to know her.    You can find Tracey on myspace as well, .  I’ll be posting more on Tracey K. Houston in the future so stay tuned.

Now Tracey organized a benefit show that I attended back around the 1st of April in Nashville.  This was the first time I heard her sing and I instantly became  a fan.  Here I am sitting with my friends and this country singer enjoying some great tunes when Tracey leans over and says “would you like to dance with me?”.  Now I have to tell this beautiful women that I don’t know how to dance.   Talk about needing a good swift kick in the ass.

Tracey talks one of her friends into dancing with her so all is not lost on my lack of dancing skills.  Later on a slow songs starts up and Tracey once again asks her friend to join her for a dance.  This is where I tell her “hey I can slow dance”.  She smiles and tells me I should have spoke up sooner.   Then she says the next one is mine.  Hey things are looking up for ol’ Ronman.    Sure enough, when another slow song starts up later in the night Tracey gives me that look and it’s time.  We get out there and enjoy our nice slow dance.  I told Tracey that she was a brave woman to dance with me.  There were only a couple of times that she asked me what that move was.  To which I replied with a resounding ” I have no idea”.

I tell ya after the roller coaster ride I’ve been on the past few months last night was exactly what I needed.  I’d like to also encourage everyone to get out and find a small venue such as this to support some great musicians.  I know times are hard for many folks these days.  But the cover charge was only $5.  Now tell me where else you can hear an entire evening full of great music for such a small price.

Ride Safe,


I just wanted to send out a post and let everyone know that I”m still alive.   I know I haven’t posted on a regular basis for a very long time.  Trust me, I wish I had been able to overcome this writer’s block and lack of inspiration.  Hopefully I have some matters corrected and will be able to find a way to let the thoughts roll out through my fingertips and onto the blog.  Thanks to everyone who have sent me emails and other notes of concern.  All my blog folks are part of my family.

Ride Safe,