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Monthly Archives: June 2009

From time to time while we are out on our travels we see things that reach right inside our chest and grab hold of our hearts.  Last Sunday I had one such experience.  You see I get to thinking that I’m calloused from all the bad and even horrific things that I’ve seen in my life.  Honestly I’m grateful to know that sometimes something still moves me.

I was out on Doll Baby pre-ridding the route for a chapter ride that I will be leading when I saw something that just got hold of me.  Often times I see things and get my camera out to take some photographs to share with everyone.  On occasion I will be selfish and just keep the things I see etched into my memory.  Even still there is the rare sight that I just don’t think would be respectful to photograph.  Today was such a day.

You see I was traveling down one of our scenic back roads and stopped to take a break near an old cemetery.  While I sat there and soaked in the beauty of all that was around me I heard the rumble of a large V-twin slow and then stop.  I turned and spotted an older biker getting off his wide glide.  This man with his long beard and ragged clothing made his way over to one of the markers in the cemetery.  You could tell from his broken and labored gait that he had seen and done some painful things in his life.  I couldn’t help but think of Steph and her “O D B” (old dirty biker) line of shirts.

Reaching the grave marker the biker knelt down and bowed his head.  I have no idea what he was saying but I could tell this was hallowed ground.  I could see this old guy take his bandanna from his hip pocket and wipe tears from his eyes.  My first instinct was to grab my camera and capture this moment to share.  Then almost instantly I thought better of the idea.  I knew I needed to only capture this image in my mind and hopefully find the words to convey what it was that I saw to you.

I was touched in my heart by this man’s sorrow.  Often I think that nothing gets to me anymore.  Today I was greatful that it still moves me when I see such a sight.   What better honor than to have someone pay there respects to a friend or loved one that has passed on before us.

I Salute this Man,



For those who haven’t figured it out Spydie is short for Spyderman.  My good friend Spydie recently acquired his first  tattoo.  What would be more fitting for Spydie but  a Spyderman tattoo.  Here are a couple of photographs that I snapped over the weekend of the new art.

Ride Safe,


Well Fed Group

Several times a year my good friend Spydie and myself enjoy meeting in Russelville, Kentucky for breakfast.  Russelville is pretty much the half way point between Owensboro, Kentucky where he lives and Smyrna, Tennessee where I live.  This wasn’t going to be any big deal just a little ride to eat and visit.

I have recently run across a dear friend from my past. When I found out that Dana also has a passion for riding we knew what must be done.  With temperatures in the 80’s forecast for the weekend this seemed like a prime opportunity for us to get together and ride.  What better way to spend a day then having two of your friends meet one another.  So the plan was hatched.

I haven’t had a chance to ride with another dear friend in some time so I asked Miss Velma if she’d like to join us.  Let me tell ya,  don’t ask her to ride if you don’t want her to go because she’s always ready to ride.  This wonderful lady has ridden her Street Glide from the top of Maine all the way down to the tip of Key West.  Twenty thousand plus miles a year is the norm for her.  Yep, she has a passion for riding as well.

Those of you who have followed my blog for a while know that I haven’t been very active.  Well I guess I didn’t realize how much I was missed by the folks I ride with during this slack time.  Before I know it there were some more people wanting to join this little ride.  Our quaint little group of four began to grow.  On the Kentucky end Spydie asked his sister Lena to join us as well as our good friend and tire man Garrett along with his wife Anna.

Soon on the Tennessee end of this little gathering we had Billy and Paulette coming along.  Well it seems a few more folks heard about the trip and soon Mo and Jo were in as well.  Next we add to the fray David and Brenda.  Now not wanting anyone to feel left out there were a couple more phone calls made and invitations extended.  But there were no other replies.  I think the early hour in which we were leaving came into play.  In fact this was the reason for not asking a big group in the first place.

We had a wonderful ride up through some of the vast farmland of northern middle Tennessee and southern Kentucky via highways 41 and 431.  Our  timing was damn near perfect.  We had only been at the restaurant for less than five minutes when Spydie and his group rode up.  After some introductions we ambled inside and enjoyed the breakfast buffet.


Barn in Rutherford County Tennessee

Last year Biker Chic posted several great shots of old barns out in Washington.  Well here in the South we have our fair share of barns.  I happen to have a fondness for them.  Barns have soul.  One of the main things I look for when I’m out on a “Soul Ride” are old barns.  Well here is a fabulous barn that a friend of mine led me to.  I hope you enjoy this peek into the depths of my soul………………

Ride Safe


Ok folks get ready to take in some new posts and lots of pictures. That’s right I’ve finally gotten back at it. Just wanted to put out this little teaser for those faithful followers of the website.