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Monthly Archives: July 2009

My friend Stuart has decided to sell his 2008 Dyna Wide Glide. If you are looking for such a bike be sure to give him a shout. You may remember the post I did on Stuart several months ago. I’ll include the information he sent me and a picture or two of this nice bike.

Up for sale is a perfect 2008 Wide Glide 5k miles
96 – 6 speed
#599 OF 2000 Copper/Blk
2″ rear lowering shocks with front of tank raised 2″
Detachable backrest Sundowner seat
2″ Samson Slasher exhaust
Excellent condition $15300.00

Stuart Byrd




A week or so back I did something that I rarely do.  I overslept.  You know there’s nothing like the feeling you get when you awaken to darkness, especially when it should be light outside.  I grabbed the phone and dialed work only to confirm my thoughts.  Yep it was way past my start time and my load was already on the way to St. Louis.  No they didn’t have any extra freight tonight so I was to call the assistant terminal manager in the morning and let them know what I’d done.

Now it didn’t take me a hot second to decide what I was gonna do.  I piddled around the house for about three hours getting some things done that needed doing.  Seems I never get caught up around here.  Then I did the only logical thing there was.  You are correct.  I took a ride.002I had attempted several times over the past year to collect more of the Tennessee State Parks in my quest to visit all of them.  Due to many factors I haven’t done a very good job of this.  The time was right for another state park to move into the accomplished column.  Leaving out before the dawn was a very invigorating experience.  The cool night air did wonders for cleansing my thoughts.  I enjoyed the ride up hwy 70 through towns such as Smithville.  Crossing over the Caney Fork River/ Center Hill Lake with the fog rising was both haunting and enlightening.

I climbed the hill on toward Sparta and crossed the Calf Killer river.  One of these days I really need to find out the story behind that name.  Leaving Sparta and continuing East I climbed Bon Aire Mountain and on toward Crossville.  Once in Crossville I worked my way over to hwy 127 and on to Cumberland Mountain State Park.  Taking a little look see around the park tempted my taste for a camping trip up there.007

I left Cumberland Mountain State Park and worked my way South down to Pikeville.  It was here that I turned onto hwy 30 for a rather relaxing and twisty ride over the hills through Spencer and on down to McMinnville.  The Views on 30 are fantastic.015I took hwy 70s out of McMinnville and enjoyed the ride down through Woodbury and on into Murfreesboro.  From there it was a short ride back to the house.  All in all a very relaxing and rejuvenating ride around some of the beautiful countryside if Middle Tennessee.  I racked up a total of 251 miles on this little scooter ride and captured another Tennessee State Park for my collection.

Ride Safe,


010We all have enjoyed the little Mom and Pop type diners along our many journeys.  You know the type of place I’m speaking of.  The little cafe that serves up the locals every morning.  You can sit back and learn about all aspacts of life in one of these little places.

Should you ever get to LaVergne, Tennessee you owe it to yourself to stop in at Kym and Bev’s.    See instead of a mom and pop it’s a mom and daughter type place.  Kym and Bev are a mother daughter duo that serve up tasty treats and lots of laughter and smiles.  This team takes turns behind the counter doing the cooking.  I like to say that one day you get good food and one day you get good service.  Truth is you always get good food and service.  I just have to poke fun at Kym to keep her on her toes.

If your  sweet tooth is needing a fix you are in luck.  Bev’s deserts are to die for.  She uses recipes passed down from her mother and grandmother.  Kym is also known to whip up some pretty good sweets too.   One thing is certain, you will come away from your visit full of good food and with a smile on your face.


Oh, one last thing.  When you visit Kym and Bev’s be sure to bring cash American.  You see these ladies don’t take plastic.  You won’t need to take a loan to get your belly full.  So the next time you are near LaVergne stop on by the corner of West Jefferson Pike and Old Nashville hwy for some good eats.  You can give them a call at 615-213-2378 for take out orders.

Ride Safe,


010 Travel along highway 68 in Fairview Kentucky and you’ll notice a very tall concrete structure.  Having passed this way several times I had learned that it was the Jefferson Davis Monument.  I must admit that I’ve never been a big fan of Jeff Davis, although I do enjoy learning about the “War of Northern Aggression”.

027Take the time to do the tour if you visit this monument.  The view is spectacular. It amazes me to think of how difficult it must have been to build this monument at the time it was built.


011Nothing like spending a wonderful afternoon with a few friends on a scooter ride.  Learning some history is an added bonus.  You may not be able to check out this historic marker but I feel certain that all of us have something just as interesting right in our back yard.

Ride Safe,



She’s a brand new 2009 FLHTCU Ultra Classic!


Recently while visiting Fall Creek Falls State Park I spotted this cool bike.  I grabbed a few shots of this jewel.  The owner said it was an 89 model.  He also told me how he painted it with spray cans and wet sanded it by hand.  This man did an excellent job of creating this old school looking ride.012002003013