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Daily Archives: October 18th, 2009

T.O. Fuller State Park (2) It was so very wonderful to have ten nights off work.  To the best of my knowledge this was the longest vacation that I’ve ever experienced.  I’ll have to also say that I was more relaxed and rejuvenated after this vacation than any other as well.  I had so many things I wanted to do.  Not all of my goals were accomplished.  That just leaves me something to look forward too and goals to focus on.115

I want to share a couple of the photographs that I took on my time off.  For those of you that have followed me for any length of time know that I have no problem stopping to take some photographs.  I was hoping to see the leaves changing for the fall of the year.  It was amazing at how hardly any leaves had those bright fall colors at the start of my ten days off.  By the end of my vacation it was as if they were changing right before my eyes.163

Beautiful scenery is but one of the pleasures I get from my motorcycle touring.  I also enjoy learning about historical events.  Look around on any of your next ventures out for  historical signs and markers such as this one that tells of the last stagecoach robbery.  If we just open our eyes we can see so many amazing things right in our own back yard.  I rode 2,000 miles on my time off and only left Tennessee on one occasion.  I’d venture to say that all but 150 miles of that 2,000 were in my home state.  110

Ride Safe