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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Cumberland Falls State Resort Park is located near Corbin Kentucky on highway 90.  The entire area is loaded with great roads to ride.  This is one of the many parks built by the Civilian Conservation Corps   The Dupont Lodge is a sight to behold with its Hemlock beams and knotty pine.  This rustic building is very warm and inviting.  There is a great restaurant located inside the Dupont Lodge. 


For me the best feature of this wonderful Kentucky State Park is by far the falls.  This is one of only two places known to have a moonbow.  That’s right,  you can view a moonbow here at the falls on clear moonlit nights.  The water was muddy and murky for our trip due to all the rain that we’d had.  I hope to return to this beautiful scenic park when the water is not so dirty.  Once again I spotted the “Love Buzzard” out swooping down on two women.  Here you will see Spydie’s friend Janet and his sister Lena falling under the wings of the “Love Buzzard”.  Be ever vigilant when you are out and about because you just never know where that ol’ “Love Buzzard” will strike next.Ride safe,