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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Monday I did something that I haven’t done in a very long time. I took off on a little ride like the ones that got all this blogging stuff started for me. I didn’t travel very far from home at all. In fact I was surprised that I racked up 76 miles.

I did take some time to send out a couple of text messages to some friends that were off work for the day. Unfortunately none of them could join me. Then again that’s not always a bad thing either.

First order of the day was to capture a photograph of this old barn. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve ridden right past this one saying to myself that I need to get a shot of that one of these days. Well today was the day.

Next I just started taking roads. Some of which I hadn’t been on in years. Others I’d never been down. Hopefully I now have these filled away in my memory for future use.

I grabbed a shot of some of the new safety/sexy things that I’ve added to CC lately. I’ve added a Bright Ass Light tail light. I think you can see how it gets its name. I also, at the urging of Super Goochie, added the module that converts your turn signals into running/turn/brake lights. One other addition is the LED light at the bottom of the fender that’s also a brake light. That’s right there are six, count them, six brake lights on the back of CC. Safety first you know.

I hope you enjoyed this “old school” post from Ole Ronman.

Ride Safe,



Here is a picture from Cumberland Mountain State Park in Tennessee.  This group had just finished a very enjoyable visit to the park restaurant.  The bridge in the background is the trademark of the park.