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Monthly Archives: August 2010

The majority of the time I’ve spent on this planet has been alone.  There are many reasons for this.  One such is that it’s extremely difficult to find other people who enjoy doing things the way that I do.  Especially for as long as I do.  I do things somewhat differently when I’m leading a ride than I do as I wander and wonder alone.  Many times have folks said they wanted to go on a “Ronman Ride”.  Very few ever want to go again.  Therefore I reached the point that I just rode alone.

Don’t get me wrong, I love riding alone. Well two or three years ago I met some people who kept telling me they’d like to go with me on these rides.  I would always say we’d see.  Finally they were so persistent that I told them OK.  We had an experiment.  I told them that I was going to take them with me on a ride where I would stop for photographs or points of interest just like I was alone.  After the ride we would see if they were good with what went on and I would see how I handled the company.  Well lo and behold they actually got it.  This was no lip service I’d been hearing for the past couple of years.This year over the Fourth of July weekend we  decided to take a little overnight journey to East Tennessee mainly on back roads.  I think we succeeded.  In these two days we covered roughly 850 miles all but 48 of which were on back roads.  The beauty of Tennessee and North Carolina kept us amazed as we soaked in all the scenery that we could.From natural wonders such as this tree that has an eye of a needle to an old general store that intrigued us for a couple of hours.  The man-made wonders along with a fantastic “Rock-A-Billy Diner” filled us with laughter and goodness.

This is but a taste of the things we saw.  There’s more to come so keep watching.  I promise that I won’t keep you in suspense for too long.

Ride Safe,



There are legends and stories all over the world of strange yet true creatures.  All of us either know or know of one of these mysteries.  Perhaps you remember from some of my previous writings that I’ve seen one such creature.  I would be remiss if I didn’t take a moment warn you of what’s to come.  If reading about such legends and creatures gives you the creeps then please don’t read any further.

These words are going to try to convey to you what I’ve recently experienced.  Please understand that it still makes my skin crawl when I think about what I’m going to tell you.

Legend has it that this creature has been around for a long long time.  Should you ever have the misfortune of an encounter you’ll see what I mean.  Most folks experience sightings in Kentucky.  I don’t just mean one particular area or region of Kentucky either.  From the far west around Paducah all the way east to Ashland he’s been known to prey on unsuspecting women.  That’s right women.  You see the LoveBuzzard has some sort of unnatural power that draws woman folk to him.  Many report smelling a fowl oder just before he swoops down upon them.

The ride I’m about to tell you about was just a simple little gathering of friends.  A breakfast ride that would be extended across the fabled LoveBuzzard 100 highway. Some folks say this highway has another name.  You can see by the photograph that they have even erected a marker to throw people off.  Those who’ve experienced it know otherwise.  Soon more people would understand that this road isn’t a safe and scenic journey like they thought.

Since the LoveBuzzard’s age is not know we can only say he’s be around many a decade if not many a century.  You see he seems to prey upon ladies as they take in historic places such as the “Old Mulkey Meeting House” located just outside of Tompkinsville Kentucky.  Some folks say that the LoveBuzzard was around these parts even before Mulkey Meeting House.I was minding my own business like I always do and simply taking a few photographs when suddenly the hair stood up on the back of my neck.  I heard blood curdling screams coming from over near the meeting-house.  What on earth could be wrong?  I looked up searching for the commotion.  I had my trusty camera at the ready so that I could document whatever it was.  Rounding the building I was in utter amazement.  Let me warn you this next photo is graphic.  Some may find it offensive and disturbing.  Don’t say you weren’t warned.I’m only putting this photo up here in the hopes that it will save some others from falling under the spell that these beautiful ladies did.  You can see their eyes are all glazed over.  They have lost all control of their faculties.  What else could explain their actions.  Who in their right mind would be so close and even touching this ……… this……….snaggle toothed, pot-bellied, smelly, double naught………..LoveBuzzard……………………….I can’t go on…………..

Ride Safe,