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Monthly Archives: November 2010

I know it has been some time now since I posted to this site.  I’ve been going over in my mind what I wanted to say. I’m certain that all of us have been reading blogs that just simply seem to dry up and go away.  We’ve checked back on a regular basis only to find no new entries.  I didn’t want to fall to the wayside in such a manner.


I’ve made some major changes in my life lately.  Some of you know what’s going on but most don’t.  We all come to a time where we have obligations.  I’m at such a time.  I’ve always tried to have integrity and be a man of my word.  I’m taking care of such things and that’s why I haven’t posted many entries over the past year.  In doing such it has become painfully clear to me that I needed to make the right choices on some things whether I wanted to or not.


Here is a good place to sit down.


I’ve sold C.C. I didn’t want to but knew it was what needed to be done.  Going into this I don’t plan on it being a permanent ending to my riding.  Without going into too many details I’ll just say I felt in my heart that it was an honorable sacrifice. For those that do not know I have an elderly Mother and Aunt that I care for.  I’m happy to do whatever I can for these two ladies who have given me so much throughout my life.  Now it’s my time to step up and pay it back.


So now you know.  I trust you will understand. I don’t plan on doing away with my blog.  I don’t plan on not posting anything.  What I hope to do is to continue to post photographs and stories about the things going on in my life.  I don’t think I’ll be able to do any long trips in the near future but I will hopefully be taking lots of day trips or overnight weekend getaways.


I don’t have a scooter to ride around but I do have other toys.  I’ll have the truck camper to journey in. I have a four-wheeler to ride and hopefully take some back country photographs to share.  I even have a boat and kayak to venture off in.  So you can see  there are many ways for me to get out there and immerse myself in my thoughts and in nature.


I’ll understand if some of you don’t want to follow my blog anymore.  I’ll also understand if some of you think I’ve lost my mind.  So be it.  All I know is that I am at ease with the choices I’ve made and I have a clear heart and mind in doing so.