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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Many things over the past few months have warmed my heart. One thing for certain is the way in which friends care about and take care of one another. Though it may seem strange to hear such things from me seeing as I’m such a loner at times.
I try to take care of my own. Those who know me know this. I’ve recently been blessed to see others taking care of their own as well. It’s so nice to see this in action from the not to distant outside looking in.
I have many different and diverse groups of friends. Some of which I’m more a part of than others. One such group enjoyed an afternoon together. Now this group I feel as though I’m on the outer edge looking in for the most part. But that’s OK. I haven’t been around as long as the majority of them have. The beauty is that each and every time I’m around this group I feel more and more a part of it. Good folks for sure.
At best life is difficult these days. Know that those around you are struggling in their own fight. You never know when that one smile or hug you give can make the difference in someone having a horrible day or having a sweet memory.
Thinking back on it, I believe it’s all been right before my eyes this entire time. I’m oh so grateful to finally see whats been there under my nose.