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Monthly Archives: March 2011

I’ve ridden thousands of miles with my friend Brian on the highways and byways of this great land. We’ve visited some of Tennessee’s state parks. We’ve made memories at traffic lights talking to the locals.  Hahahaha Oh man that one time was funny.  We’ve been rained on, hailed on, sunburned and simply enjoyed the rumble of our scooters. You may even remember that back in 2008 we roomed together on the second annual Memphis HOG Chapter Posse Ride.Recently we were able to get together for an afternoon of some off-road fun.  Nothing major just a little look-see around his hunting lease.  This place is located along the Tennessee Kentucky border and is simply beautiful.  There are streams and hills and hollows and ridges to wander around and check out the beauty of nature.Enjoyed a relaxing day hanging with my friend. Hopefully we can do it again sometime in the near future.  Damn work always seems to get in the way of having fun and what not. 


the one who holds the keys

to that special place hidden in the trees

that you’ve kept locked away for so long

waiting for them to come along

only to find that it’s not to you whom they belong

…to hell with keys

the only romance shall be

between the breeze and the trees



Finally! I was able to slip off and enjoy some solitude.  For whatever reason I just have to do that from time to time.  Now don’t get me wrong, if ever I have that special someone they can come along too. But let’s face it, not likely to happen anytime soon.

The first time I ever camped in a truck camper was at Land Between the Lakes.  For that and several other reasons this place will always hold a special place in my heart.  I’m so fortunate to have so many beautiful places within a relatively short distance of where I live.This little trip was special in a few ways.  First off it was my birthday getaway.  Not as long of one as originally planned but a get away nonetheless.

I enjoyed the sights and sounds of the night so much that I didn’t even build a fire.  I simply sat there looking at the twinkling of the stars and was reminded of the twinkling I’ve seen in the eyes of that special someone.  I thought of a couple of friends that would enjoy this setting as well. For a brief moment I even wished they were there to share in it.  I wonder at times like this if those few people truly understand just how special they are to me.

Just beyond the tree line was a wonderful little creek.  The soothing sounds of the water running down into the nearby Tennessee river had a calming effect.  Occasionally there would be a disturbance in the creek. Finally I had to investigate.  Thinking I would find a coon chasing crawdads, I took my light and went to see.  What I was hearing were several large carp eating and playing in the small stream.  Oh the joys of nature.

I was so relaxed by simply sitting there in the darkness being serenaded by the wonderment of the sounds  of nature’s symphony. The croaking of frogs blended in with the chirping of crickets and tree frogs. The soft gurgling of the small stream behind me.  The yipping and cackling of a pack of coyotes circling about.  The distant howling of what sounded like a wolf. All this under the dark blue of the heavens lit up only by the light of all the millions of stars. I was by myself but as you can see I was far from alone. I was indeed at peace for a time.

Many of you know that my good friend the Love Buzzard was in a horrific truck wreck last October.  This man has defied the odds for sure.  To say he’s one tough OLD bird is putting it mildly.  Speaking of OLD, he just celebrated another birthday.

For many weeks the good people of Tick Ridge had been plotting against the Love Buzzard.  You see being an OLD ugly Love Buzzard he’s a tough one to fool.  Let’s just say those in the national security business could take notes from the good folks of Tick Ridge.  Miss Anna and their kids worked diligently to make sure this birthday was going to be something special.Monica baked a cake and cupcakes for everyone to enjoy.  She’s quite the little baker.  We all enjoyed the food prepared by all the ladies along with some ice cream as well.  Noticeably missing was Butter Pecan, but that’s another story.  Suffice it to say we were all well fed by the time the party was over.In true Love Buzzard fashion  all the lovely ladies were flocking to him.  He says it’s a curse and not a blessing but I’m not sure I believe that.  He sure seems to enjoy all the attention.Being tough runs in the Love Buzzard’s family.  Here he’s pictured with his brother Barron.  Now he’s one tough dude.  Once we rode in temperatures dipping down into the lower 30s or upper 20s and Barron wore only jeans and a sweatshirt. That’s on a bike with no windshield too.Here all of the Love Buzzard’s grandchildren pose for a group photograph.  They all seemed to enjoy celebrating with their Grandpa on his special day.  Pretty Miss Anna looks on as the Love Buzzard opens some of the many birthday gifts.  You can tell there were lots of laughs and happiness was running rampant throughout this wonderful event.

Say hello to pretty Miss Christie and her new Street Glide. Aren’t they a lovely pair?  I still remember the day I met Christie.  She’s married to Paul who I’ve known since I was a child.  This couple LOVES to RIDE!   This new ride has been a long time coming.  The group has been riding Paul like a rented mule for some time now about getting Christie a new bike.

This group takes care of and supports one another.  As you can see when one celebrates we all celebrate.  Nothing like sharing in a new addition to the family.  One things for certain, by the end of the year this new scooter will be well broke in and have thousands of miles on her.


Ride Safe,


Last night I was fortunate enough to spend a little time with a lifelong friend and his family.  It thrills me to no end to sit back and see this family.  I’m so proud of them and for them.   The four of them are the American dream.  A father and mother loving and nurturing a son and daughter.  The life they live is how it’s supposed to be.  As for me, well the relationship between my child and myself is strained at best.

My friend’s son is in scouting.  Now I wasn’t ever in Cub Scouts or Webelos  but I was however in Boy Scouts.  In fact I attained scouting’s highest rank.  Yes I’m an Eagle Scout.  This is something that I’m very proud of.  When I earned my Eagle it was stated that less than two percent of the boys in scouting earned its highest rank.

Long before I was ever old enough to belong to any scouting organization I was given a gift.  This gift was a 1961 edition of the Boy Scout Handbook.  I spent countless hours looking through and reading this handbook as a child.  I would soak in the information contained on its pages.  Now this may seem trivial to most of you and that’s OK.  To me it was a gift from a man who died shortly after I received it.  In fact I have but a very few memories of this man.  I wasn’t even school age when this book was passed to me.

Last night I did something that I hope keeps this book alive.  I passed this 1961 Boy Scout Handbook down to my friend’s son.  He’s just starting his life as a Boy Scout.  I also passed along two of the badges that I wore to show the ranks you earn in scouting.  Hopefully these symbols of something near and dear to me will live on even after I’m no longer around.  Someday this young man can hopefully pass these along to his son or the son of a lifelong friend such as I did.

We never know the road our life will take.  To quote Rodney Crowell it’s many a long and lonesome highway. Lord only knows how many miles down those long and lonesome highways I’ve been both literally and figuratively in my lifetime.  The road less traveled is always the most interesting to me.  Don’t avoid the twist and turns of life trying to take the easy road.  It’s the times I’ve struck out into the unknown that have brought me the most pleasure and the best stories to reflect upon.

We all have things that we treasure and hold near and dear.  What greater way to ensure that these treasures live on than to pass them along to another generation.  In some small way perhaps it will keep memories of our fleeting time here on this earth lasting forever more.