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Monthly Archives: May 2011

I added a new link down with the links to blogs I follow. The Hub is a destination that should be on your list if you love riding motorcycles. I’ll have more to say about this wonderful place and the friendly couple that owns and operates The Hub.



Yesterday was such a wonderful day. Granted it wasn’t all fun and games. I came in from work and got busy doing some much-needed yard work.  Accomplishing what I felt was enough of that in about an hour.  Then it was taking a little time to get caught up online. Next if was off to fun times.

I rode the Little Woman down to the local Harley shop and visited with a few of my friends.  Just hanging out with no plan in mind.  After a while it was time to ride.  It was one of those rides that turns into a soul ride.  Going nowhere in particular but traveling across the ages.  I left out and just let my heart guide me.

Soon I found myself in the country. I love the back roads. I love the landscape of my beloved Tennessee.  Seeing farmers taking care of their never-ending  jobs. Hauling hay. Tending cattle. Planting crops.  I can’t help but wonder how many generations that family has worked the land.  I think of the farms I wandered in my past listening to the bawl mouth of a Bluetick hound on the trail of  a coon.

I took roads that I didn’t remember being on before. Soon I popped out on an old section of Highway 70. I thought of seeing it called the Broadway of America. I remembered visiting some of the Walking Horse farms I was rolling past as a child. Those were special memories of special times spent with my long since gone but not forgotten Daddy.  I smiled as I thought of the first bed liner I ever saw in the pick up that belonged to Mr. Pascal. Seeing mules still grazing this ground made me smile.

All these wonderful memories fill my heart with warmth as I listen to the Little Woman’s low rumble. I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t also tell you that all these memories fill my eyes with tears. Missing my old man still gets to me after all these years.  I hope it never stops getting to me.  If only we could understand the impact someone makes on our life while they are still here. Maybe it’s a good thing we don’t. If we did we may not enjoy the moments while they happen.

In the grand scheme of things life is nothing more than a long line of moments strung together as memories in our minds.


Lately I’ve been somewhat selfish it seems.  Deal with it! I’ve been enjoying the back roads of my beloved Tennessee on the Little Woman. That’s right, just she and I. Well we have needed a little time to get the “feel” for one another.

Normally I would be taking all sorts of photographs to share with you. I have had the camera along for some of the rides. It hasn’t seen much action though. I’ve even left the house without the camera on purpose too. Oh the horror! Well that way I won’t be tempted to share with others the sights I see.  Perhaps it makes me feel a bit less guilty about it too.

We will call this the honeymoon period for the Little Woman and myself.  Don’t worry I promise to start posting pictures and telling you all about the places I go and the people and sights I see.  I’ve traveled thousands upon thousands of miles in my head thinking of all the places we need to go. Are you ready?


I was recently afforded the opportunity to review a new CD from the MeanStreet Riders.  Although I had heard of them, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Let’s just say this debut album has grown on me.  The smooth voices telling the stories on this High On The Hog CD work their way right inside your mind.

All the songs are about riding. The MeanStreet Riders are all riders. They write about riding. They sing about riding.  If you ride you’ll connect to this music.  If you dream about riding you’ll connect. Once you hear this music you’ll know these guys have the same thoughts and reasons as to why they ride that you do.Personally I appreciate the fact that you can understand the words to their songs. The music is crisp and clear. These guys are some good pickers.

Song titles like “High on the Hog”, “Kiss it all Goodbye”, “I’ve Had a Good Ride” and “Souls of Chrome” can only come from time spent riding. Some of the songs are about places I’ve been to. “129” is about the infamous Tail of the Dragon down at Deal’s Gap.  This stretch of highway is known the world over.  Some of the songs are about places that are on my to do list such as Sturgis and the Badlands

You can find out more about the MeanStreet Riders by checking them out on their website at or follow them on facebook at . Give them a listen and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised just like I was.


How is it that something that leaves you so full and fulfilled can also leave you yearning for more. That insatiable appetite that causes that starvation. The more you have the more you want. I hope that hunger never subsides. It’s that longing that makes me feel alive.


As most of you know my good friend the Love Buzzard was in a horrific truck wreck in October of 2010. To say he’s come a long was is an understatement.  Doctors have told him that he’d never be able to ride a motorcycle again.  Well the Love Buzzard would never accept such palaver.Thanks to determination and being hard-headed he’s proved the doctors wrong. He didn’t do this alone. His family and friends have been there to encourage him.  One more thing too. The wonderful staff of Elite Physical Therapy & Fitness in Hardinburg Kentucky have been there toWith such beautiful people there to encourage you and help you how could you not work hard to improve yourself?

Can you believe that the Love Buzzard accused me of acting gimped up just so these lovely ladies would feel sorry for me. Why I never!  I mean come on I do have an old football injury and what not. I can’t help it that I sometimes limp more so than others.  Geez!Keep the Love Buzzard and his family in  your prayers. He still has lots of surgery and rehab to go.  This ride was a very short ride. I don’t want anyone thinking he’s out of the woods yet.  One thing I do know is that this is a major victory in the battle he has before him.


You know that feeling you get when you think about that special someone?  When you audibly moan to yourself and simultaneously feel that tingling running up your spine? You replay that last passionate time spent with one another when it felt oh so good.  Well that’s the only way I can describe my ride today with the Little Woman. I did those exact things. I know, right? I’m passionate about the one I love and I’m passionate about riding. God amighty how did I ever make it the past six months without a bike?


A Bloggers Centerline Day is the brain child of Gary France. The idea was to get as many bloggers to go outside and post a picture that should include the blogger and a centerline of a roadway.  Well without further ado here is my picture. Had it not been for seeing a reminder from Allen Madding I would have missed this. I just ran out this afternoon and found a road that didn’t have traffic and simply took the shot. This was sorta fun and really simple.