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Monthly Archives: June 2011

I’ve made a stand alongside a dear friend.  It’s caused a stir among others that “were” close to us. Strangely enough most of them have turned against me. Not that I didn’t expect that.  The irony is that had they been in the same situation I would have stood by them.

I made a promise. I gave my word. I would support this person no matter what they decided. I intend to do that for as long as there is a breath of life in my body. Others will say what they want about me. Let me go on record saying this. “I DON’T GIVE A SHIT WHAT OTHERS THINK ABOUT ME!”

I’m fulfilling a promise made to a friend. Someone who has been there for me during good times and bad.  During situations such as this you find out who truly is there for you. Think of me what you will. For those that turn their backs on their friends. For those who judge without knowing all the facts. Those are the people who can line up and join the entire world in kissing my ass to the red.


So last night I’m doing my pre-trip inspection. I always…………yes ALWAYS get under the trailers and visually inspect the fifth wheel to make sure it’s latched and the king pin isn’t gonna pop out. Unfortunately this time I decided to raise up before I actually cleared the trailer. I slammed my head into the underside of the trailer.

Thankfully I didn’t chip a tooth like I did that time I was driving a wrecker. I had a Oldsmobile 98 on the rollback and was hooking up another car on the wheel lift. I raised up and hit the bumper. Somehow I slammed my teeth together chipping off one of my top front teeth.

Back to last night. After knocking what little brains I formerly had plum out of my skull, I was sort of dazed. I couldn’t remember if I’d checked something else before leaving the terminal. So before I got on the interstate I stopped on the ramp to check things out again. Safety first and all ya know.  As I was walking back around the truck I walked into the passenger side mirror. You guessed it, busted another part of my head.  Holy SHIT! WTF?

I think I need to check into a battered spouse shelter to protect me from myself.  So if you see some guy driving a semi down the road pulling two trailers while wearing a helmet and licking the widow…………….yeah that’s gonna more than likely be me.

As many of you know my good friend Garret was in an accident several months back. The following article was written by Katie Critchelow of Elite Physical Therapy & Fitness.  I’m reposting it here with her permission. The article was published in the local newspaper and she used two photographs that I’d taken the day Garret rode his motorcycle up there to show them he could. This short ride that I just happened to show up for was to prove the doctors wrong. You see they had told him he would never ride again.  Guess they didn’t know who the Love Buzzard was.  He’s one tough old bird for sure.


The Meaning of Perseverance: Steady persistence in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.
By: Katie Critchelow, PTA
Elite Physical Therapy & Fitness, PSC

On October 14, 2010, Garrett Ford was driving his semi-truck to Memphis just as he would on any other usual work day.  Little did he know that this particular day would become a day he would never forgot and his life would change forever.  Garrett had been driving a semi-truck for 25 years and had traveled this exact route for numerous runs. Unfortunately, a careless mistake by another driver would become almost deadly when he pulled out seconds in front of Garrett’s semi.

The other driver was carrying a trailer full of crushed cars and upon impact those cars came into the cab on top of Garrett.  He received numerous injuries to include two broken vertebrates in his neck, two broken ribs which punctured and collapsed his lung, and a bruised heart. He also fractured his right arm, left wrist, shoulder blade, and left leg.  He received a deep laceration on his head that would come down over his eyelid, barely sparing his eye. He has a new “dimple” in his (L) cheek formed by a scar from a shard of glass. His heart stopped beating twice on the side of the road while the emergency workers rushed to get him to the hospital. He was taken to the nearest Elvis Presley Trauma center where the trauma team would begin the life saving process. His wife Anna of 35 years received the dreaded phone call that her husband had been in an accident in Memphis.  She would travel the long route without knowing the state of his condition and any details of the accident.  She would not leave his side for the next five weeks until he was stable enough to transfer to Rehab in Elizabethtown. Garrett had a trach to help him breath due to the collapsed lung and received numerous surgeries to repair his fractured body. He would win a battle with pneumonia and spend the next several weeks in the intensive care unit.  His first memory would be the strange dreams and voices he would hear from the strong pain medications. Thankfully, he would not recollect the events that happened that day in October. “The nurses were so great to me in Memphis” Garrett  recalls, “and I remember watching Monday night football in my room.”

His battle was far from being over.  He would begin physical therapy and have to learn to walk again while his fractured leg was healing. He was weak, pale, and fragile and had lost a great deal of weight. He would have very limited use of his right arm, but was determined to not give up.  He would prove doctors wrong by being able to walk in just 3 months without his walker or cane. Simple tasks such as taking out the garbage would be an achievement. He had grown out a full beard that his wife and kids would beg him to shave. “ I could never grow a beard at work, so I took advantage of growing one now. I’ll shave it off when I am able to ride my motorcycle,” Garrett said.  After months of hard work, he would achieve that goal of riding a short distance to our physical therapy clinic to show off his fresh-shaven face with a smile that defined his perseverance. Garrett’s motto: “Keep your head up and Keep going.” “Some days you don’t feel like doing your home exercise program, but you do anyways.” It is also very important to have strong support from your family, they have been by my side the entire time. He still has a long trip ahead of him to include a knee replacement due to the damaged leg fracture and his right elbow has just been surgically released, but he is looking forward to being able to wrestle with his grandchildren again. He is truly an example of PERSEVERANCE. (The above information was released by Garrett Ford)


*Garrett Ford has been driving a truck for 35 years

I hope you will take a minute to reflect on the sacrifices made on this day back in 1944. The Greatest Generation ever helped mold the world we live in today. From the bottom of my heart I want to say THANK YOU! To the WWII veterans especially, but also to all the men and women who have and continue to sacrifice so that I can live with freedom. I salute you one and all.



Do you love to ride?  Do you yearn to find the most amazing roads to ride?  Do you dream about finding a relaxed atmosphere to wind down after a full day of riding?  If you answer yes to any or all of these questions then I’ve got a place for you.Have you heard of The Hub Mid America’s Motorcycle Resort?  Well you have now.  The Hub is the dream of Debbie and Randall Phillips. The Phillips are two of the nicest people you could hope to meet anywhere. In fact they like to say that they don’t have customers, they have friends.  I couldn’t agree more.  I’ve made the trek to The Hub twice and I can’t wait to go back again.

I first learned of The Hub back in 2008. I was eating supper while on a multi day multi state Posse Ride.  The folks at the table were telling me about this cool place they’d found over in Northwest Arkansas.   They just went on and on about The Hub.  I couldn’t wait to get home and look up their website. In fact here’s a link so you too can check out their page.  You can also like them on FaceBook.

The roads around this beautiful part of America are truly amazing.  The scenery is breathtaking. You’ll find yourself torn between riding the twisties and looking at the beauty surrounding you. There are historic roads such as the Arkansas Pig Trail. There are no name roads that will have you wishing you never had to go home.You’ll know that you truly are in a motorcycle resort when you step inside your room. The rooms are clean and comfortable. Once you see the cardboard sign on top of a stack of rags laid out for the purpose only a biker would understand.Bikers and motorcycle enthusiast from all over the United States and Canada come to The Hub. The largest nearby city is Harrison Arkansas. Just south of there lies Marble Falls and the former Dog Patch U.S. A theme park grounds.  It’s here The Hub is located.You ride around curves such as in the photograph above only to have sights catch your eye. Sometimes you even turn around and go back just to soak in what you’ve just seen.From the curves and hills and valleys of the Ozarks to the beauty of a roadside park along an overhanging bluff. The memories made will last a lifetime. The memories made will leave you yearning for a return trip to The Hub.Whether you ride alone or with a group such as the friends who rode with me in this photograph above, come to The Hub.  If you’ll come once you’ll leave a part of your soul there and feel the need to return. Come make new friends at a place set deep in the Ozarks. Take Scenic Arkansas 7 to Marble Falls and The Hub. By allowing yourself to be lost in the Ozarks you’ll find who you are.



Times like these are when you realize who you can depend on.Times like these you learn that someone doesn’t have to be blood kin to be your family.Times like these are when the love you have with and for one another grows unconditionally.Times like these build undying relationships.Times like these are when I know most of all why I love the ones I do.