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Monthly Archives: August 2011


I want to congratulate Jody and Petunia on their first ever solo ride.  This photograph was taken after they returned from a 300 mile round trip journey.  Ladies you can ride without a group.  Jody is one of the best riders I know.  I think my good friend Little Easy said it well  when he said “The only thing more bad ass than Petunia is Jody.”

I’m very proud of Jody for taking this ride.  It’s amazing what someone can do with a little encouragement from others.  Hopefully she will inspire other ladies to get out there and do the same thing.  Step outside the box and look around. There is an amazing world out there.

Ride Safe,


These days I seem to be torn between so many different emotions.  I know what it is I want in some aspects of my life. I’m trying to obtain what I know. Unfortunately some of it is far out of my control. That’s the part that drives me insane.

Likewise in other parts of my life I am at a complete loss.  I feel as though I can’t find my direction with a map, compass and GPSr. I don’t like that feeling.  I haven’t always known exactly what direction I was going but I did have an idea.

My daily walk in life has been changed. My writing has be severely affected. My photography has suffered.  Even my riding has been altered.  Before I would just go ride.  No particular destination in mind. Not really a direction either.  I would just head out and go wherever the spirit moved me.

Now I have trouble getting my thoughts together enough to even ride. When I have ridden I can’t seem to ever get my bearings.  I come to crossroads and can’t decide the direction in which I need to go.  Before it didn’t matter what direction. Any direction would do. Any direction would lead me on an adventure.

Have I lost my sense of adventure? Do I know what it is I want and can only focus completely on that?  Do I force myself to just go?  How do I take the steps to continue the journey?

Today I’ve yet to get out and go.  I had planned to leave early this morning and just ride.  If there is a good that came out of leaving late it is that I slept last night.  In times past I would have already traveled hundreds of miles by now.

The Hoka Hey has inspired and moved me. For some reason I have been second guessing myself.  I need, no I must embrace the Hoka Hey spirit and find my warrior spirit.   I feel this will be what takes me back to where I can go forward.  In the past I would go until I was all but lost. It was there that I found myself.  Lately I feel so lost that I can’t even begin the journey.

Somehow someway I must find the strength and courage to continue my journey.  It has to be done.  I have the answers within me. I must learn to listen so that I can hear and understand them.


How much stuff can you cram on your bike? I was out running errands yesterday and wound up picking up more than I had planned.  No worries, the Little Woman has plenty of room in her saddlebags. I did a bit of rearranging and soon all was tucked away nicely and ready to ride.


We all have our favorite rides. Rides that have left memories for us to cherish for the rest of our lives. We love sharing those memories via the pictures we take and the stories we tell.  Honestly though we do far more rides than these mega mile journeys.  I’d dare say most of our rides are the short little jaunts around town. 
This evening my best friend and I enjoyed a short ride to supper. What better way to end the weekend than to ride to eat.  The Little Woman and Petunia had a nice visit as we dined.  Relaxing to say the least. A pleasant ride to a pleasant meal.

With the temperatures soaring into the triple digits, its nice to ride after dark. I don’t know about your scooter but mine has lights.  Take advantage of those lights and the cooler temps.  Where have you ridden lately?  Was it to grab a bite to eat? Was it to go grocery shopping?  Was it a commute to work?

The point is to ride. You can enjoy a ten mile ride and have stories to share just like you took a road trip to some far away location.


Ride Safe,