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We all have our favorite rides. Rides that have left memories for us to cherish for the rest of our lives. We love sharing those memories via the pictures we take and the stories we tell.  Honestly though we do far more rides than these mega mile journeys.  I’d dare say most of our rides are the short little jaunts around town. 
This evening my best friend and I enjoyed a short ride to supper. What better way to end the weekend than to ride to eat.  The Little Woman and Petunia had a nice visit as we dined.  Relaxing to say the least. A pleasant ride to a pleasant meal.

With the temperatures soaring into the triple digits, its nice to ride after dark. I don’t know about your scooter but mine has lights.  Take advantage of those lights and the cooler temps.  Where have you ridden lately?  Was it to grab a bite to eat? Was it to go grocery shopping?  Was it a commute to work?

The point is to ride. You can enjoy a ten mile ride and have stories to share just like you took a road trip to some far away location.


Ride Safe,



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