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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Once again I’m saddened that another local business has closed.  Our Smyrna Rexall Drugs has been around for decades. Unfortunately it’s no more. I recently heard about this from my Mother. I thought surely she was confused. Unfortunately she wasn’t.  This is just another sign of the times here in America. The little man just can’t compete against the big box stores.

Smyrna Rexall was the type of place I loved doing business with. When you walked in the door your were greeted with a smile and they called you by your name.  They knew their customers. They cared about their customers.  As far as I know they were the only drugstore in town that still delivered. For myself that was wonderful. My Aunt could have her scripts brought right to her door. This was one less thing I needed to worry about.

I understand the headaches and troubles of owning a business. I’ve had one myself.  There comes a time when the hardships and struggles just aren’t worth it anymore. Unfortunately our country seems to work against the small family owned businesses. A sad but true fact. I don’t really have any answer to fix this problem. But something needs to be done.

One thing we can all do is seek out the locally owned businesses and trade with them. Sometimes it may cost a little more. But really isn’t it worth it to show them you appreciate them. Maybe you don’t do this all the time. Just think of what a difference your purchase can make. These are the people who live in our communities. The people who we should be supporting. They are the people that give back to the communities. They provide jobs for our kids.  They provide the foundations for our next generations to succeed. They lead by example showing how to appreciate customers.

I spent some time waiting on some scripts for my Aunt this afternoon at the chain drugstore that we will have to use now.  They didn’t know my name. They didn’t greet me when I walked in. They didn’t thank me when I walked out.  They did however let me know the prices would be more than I was use to paying.  Imagine that. For now I don’t have another option.  But you can rest assured that whenever possible Ole Ronman will be spending his money at the local merchants.

Thank you Lee Cole for all the years of wonderful customer service and friendship. Smyrna Rexall will be sorely missed.

Ride Safe



Just before Christmas I buried someone who once was very close to me. Even though we had gone our separate ways and not on good terms, I still cared dearly for them. The sad thing is neither of us would reach out to the other. I hope she knew I still loved her.  Needless to say this has been weighing heavy on my heart.  One thing is certain, I can’t do anything about it now.

I’ve always been the type of person that once I’m done with you I’m done.  The funeral and other events have me thinking over that position. In the meantime there have been some folks that have reached out to me. They have apologized. They have humbly asked my forgiveness.  I’ve decided to do just that. I’ve given them another chance.  I’m trying to learn and grow and strive to be a better person. I haven’t passed on this opportunity.

I’ve also decided that 2012 is going to be the year for me to do things differently. I’m getting back to basics in that I’m doing things that have always made me happy. This year will include scooter rides of course. It will also include more camping trips and more fishing trips. Fishing is something I grew up doing. I’ve spent far too many years doing far too little fishing. That changes in 2012.

I’ve spent the past 15 months dedicated to someone else. I’m not sorry for that. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat too.  Someone very dear to me. Someone who will always and forevermore be dear to me no matter what. In the process I’ve lost track of me. That’s why it’s time to get back to basics. That’s why it’s time to pursue happiness.

I have to once again find that happy place on my own. The one only I know about. Until I do I won’t be able to share it with anyone. Even after I do I don’t know that I’ll share it.  Only once and for one person have I ever shared everything. Frightening as it was, that’s the best times of my life.  When things were right they were better than I’ve ever known.

I took a chance. I gave in to someone. Briefly I allowed myself to live. Will I ever find that again? Only time will tell.


Ride Safe,



Last night I discovered that I’d lost an old friend. A friend that has traveled many miles with me over many years. We’ve been hand in hand on more occasions that I can count. It really saddened me when I realized they were gone.

You see I’ve depended on them. I’ve trusted them. On a couple of occasions I’ve trusted them with my life. They’ve had my back from day one. I took good care of them and they took good care of me. Obviously had I taken better care of them they would still be with me.

This friend was sharp. This friend always had a shine to them. They always did exactly what I wanted them to do. You just can’t ask for anything more than that now can you?

Now the process begins for me to find a replacement. I don’t look forward to it. I keep hoping that they truly aren’t gone. I keep hoping that I’ll find them. I keep hoping they are simply hiding from me. Unfortunately I doubt any of this is true.

And so it begins. I am embarking on a journey of discovery. A journey to replace this trusted tried and true friend. I’m not sure where I’ll start the search. It must begin soon though. You see…….a man really needs a good knife.

Those of you who know me will get a kick out of this. What’s the one thing that I always have with me? Well I know I always have several things with me. But if you’ve ever been on any sort of trip with me no matter if it’s on the scooter or driving the truck camper what do I always have?

If you answered maps you would be correct. That’s right maps with an s as in plural. You see I usually take along several maps. I’ll have a large atlas or even a small atlas. Then I’ll also have the state gazetteer map for the states I’ll be traveling through. Now I’ve even stepped into modern times and purchased GPSrs. Yes that is an s on the end of that. I have two GPSr units. One for Geocaching and one for driving. The new GPSr has all sorts of info loaded onto it. Stuff like fuel stops, places to eat and lodging.

With all the money I’ve spent on things to help me find my way you’d think I could do just one simple thing. REMEMBER TO TAKE THEM WITH ME!!!!!!!!! That’s right, I forgot to take them with me this past weekend. No maps. No GPSrs, no nothing. I had one small map with me. The one map with the least details of any map I own. Nothing but the major roadways on there.

Oh wait. I need to clarify something. I did take one GPSr with me. I took the new Zumo that has all the handy-dandy info on fuel lodging and places to eat. Yes I did take it. There’s only on small problem. Yours truly had recently bought a larger sd card so that I could update said Zumo with all sorts of new info for the entire country. In preparing for this grand idea yours truly also deleted all the info from the previous mapping software stored on said Zumo.

So let me review all this. I have tons of handy maps and GPSrs to choose from. I take one of each luckily. The one map that only has the major highways and the one GPSr that I’ve recently deleted all the information from. So basically I have some slick toilet paper and a paper weight for said slick paper.

No problem. I’ve been all over Tennessee at some point or other. Granted I haven’t covered every square mile of our wonderful state. I do have most of it in my memory. Now I’m no spring chicken anymore. Sometimes it’s a tab bit foggy in the ol’ database upstairs. But surely I can pull something out of my ass and find that short cut I’m looking for.

Well eventually I did find the road I was looking for. Only after taking several turns through some picturesque bottom land. Nothing like flooded timber to sooth your mind when you are kicking yourself in the ass for forgetting all your navigational tools. Well other than hills and hollers that is. I did see some beautiful countryside while I was on my back roads adventure.

All is well now. I did make it to where I wanted to go. I did return home safely. So no harm no foul. I couldn’t help but laugh at myself. I even tried to call some folks so that they could laugh at me too. It’s pretty hard to do that when you are so far back in the sticks that a cell phone signal is something of myth. Hell I bet the folks that live around the places I drove through don’t get the Grand Ole Opry until about Wednesday night.

Ride Safe,


2011 has certainly been a harsh year.  I’ve learned a lot about myself and about other people as well. I can’t ever remember another year that I’ve been so happy to put behind me. It was nice to end the year doing some things I enjoy.  The weather here in Middle Tennessee was beautiful.  So I bet you can name at least one of the things I did on New Year’s Eve.  That’s right, a scooter ride.

I got in from work and took a short power nap to sort of recharge the batteries.  Then it was off to meet up with my normal riding partner Jody and three folks I’ve known for a while but hadn’t ridden with yet.  Lisa, Micky and Greg were all ready to enjoy some nice Tennessee back roads with us.  Our plan was simple. We were going to ride to eat lunch at a place Lisa, Micky and Greg knew about.  The prior evening we had all been at a party and planned our ride.

Ride planning for us consisted of talking about taking a ride.  We figured out who was in. Unfortunately one couple couldn’t join the rest of us due to work and a funeral. Once we decided a time and who was going it was then time to pick a route.  To accomplish this I was chosen to lead the ride.  So my question to them was simple. North South East or West?

First South was chosen. Boom I immediately had a destination in mind.  Moments later is was said another direction was wanted.  Not a problem. Another route was already working itself into my head.  With the information of the good eating establishment it was set. I think all five of us enjoyed both the ride and the company.

Once back from the ride it was time to grab the camper and join the rest of the group at the campground for our New Year’s Eve celebration.  Nothing like ringing in the New Year around a campfire.  I think everyone enjoyed plenty of great food. Certainly there were plenty of laughs from everyone.  It was fun passing high fives around to other folks.  It didn’t matter if you were next to someone or not. If you wanted to high-five them you just gave it to whoever was next to you and they would pass it on around until the intended party received it.

The nice thing about camping for New Year’s Eve is that you don’t have to worry about being on the roads with the drunks. You don’t have to worry about having a DD.  You can just enjoy the celebration and all you have to do is get inside your camper and go to bed.  So not only is it relaxing to enjoy the outdoors, but also its safe too.  Not to mention the kids are welcome as well.

We had one individual that it was their first time camping. They seemed to really enjoy it too.  What a memorable way to go on your first camping trip.  Start off the New Year with a new adventure. Hopefully it will be the first of many more camping trips to come for them.

How was your New Year’s Eve?  What did you do to celebrate? I trust it was safe and fun for all of you.


Ride Safe,


Guilt is an ugly thing. People use it against one another. They use it to push the buttons of someone. They use it to control someone.

Sometimes people let their own guilt work against them. They keep dwelling on the thoughts of other people and it turns into guilt. Doing so undermines ones entire mindset.

Guilt causes people to forget about the ones that stand by them. The ones that remain there supporting them now matter what. The ones who have dedicated their life to supporting them mentally and physically. The ones who have emotionally supported them through the darkest depths of life.

How do you overcome guilt? First you must forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for the things that trouble you. Forgive yourself for causing so much pain and strife among others.

Don’t let guilt cause you to destroy the relationship that you fought so hard to have. The relationship that you made someone else let you  have. The relationship that reminded you of who you really are or where you came from.

Guilt is an evil thing. It eats at us unmercifully. We can overcome guilt. We must forgive ourselves so that we can move forward. Holding onto the dead and dying relationships of the past isn’t the way to go on.

There is a reason we fight for relationships. We know they are worthy. We know they are needed. We know they are wanted. Guilt can overshadow those things. Guilt prevents us from seeing what we truly want. What we truly need.

Guilt is yet but another object that gets in our way. The journey of life is full of them. We must learn to overcome, move around and put these objects behind us. Guilt is but a temporary distraction. We can’t dwell upon it. It can’t bring us down if we don’t let it.