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Monthly Archives: February 2012

The third time I saw the Phantom Hitchhiker was possibly the most unnerving to me. Once again it was at exit 354 on I-65 north bound. This exit has only one small tree in the large grassy area of the ramp. The exit is well-lit. Just an ordinary exit ramp along this interstate.

As I approached this exit I noticed someone sitting under the tree.  The small scraggly evergreen in some ways reminds me of Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree. Sort of sparse and not very impressive.  It was as if the person was waiting on me. When they noticed me approaching they stood up. It was then I realized it was the Phantom Hitchhiker.

I couldn’t believe it. This person was looking directly at me. They even took a couple of steps out from under the tree branches.  They locked onto me as I drove past them. They turned their entire body and just followed me as I continued north toward the Tennessee state line. The thing that got me the most was that they were smiling. It’s as if they know that it does something to me seeing them.

I’ve asked other drivers. I’ve asked people working at the market at the next exit down the road. I’ve searched online. I can’t find anyone or anything else stating information on this person. I may never know. So far I’ve seen them four times. That’s right, there is at least one more post about this Phantom Hitchhiker coming.

Ride Safe,




Today was just too gorgeous to sleep all of it away. I took advantage of this wonderful winter weather. I knew I couldn’t spend all day on the water. But that didn’t mean I had to stay away altogether.

Its been a while since I fished on a regular basis. That’s changing. I’ve challenged myself to learn new things. Using artificial bait for Crappie is one such thing. In times past I always used minnows to Crappie fish.

Todays fish were caught using a white and blue Crappie Magnet. I was fishing structure on a drop in 22 feet of water. I was amazed at the feel of the fish hitting the bait. The braied line along with the lite action rod let me know when the fish had the jig.  Loved it!

I hope to make many more fishing trips in the days to come. I really look forward to enjoying some of these tasty fish with some cornbread and iced tea. Nuff said!

Ride Safe,


Seeing someone hitchhiking always makes me pay attention. You never know what they will do. I’m always expecting them to just step out in front of me.  That’s why I always move over and give them as much room as I can. You never know when you’ll need that extra second or two that extra space gives you.

My first encounter with this hitchhiker had me thinking I was simply a bit more tired than I had thought. I doubt anyone would ever have heard about the hitchhiker until this second encounter.  As I traveled south on I-65 I couldn’t help but think about what I had seen just hours earlier. It’s not every day that someone vanishes right before your very eyes.

That Friday night I couldn’t help but look across the median as I passed the spot where I had seen the hitchhiker. I chuckled to myself as I thought about how my mind had played tricks on me.  No way could I have actually seen someone vanish. There was plenty of light at this exit. There is only one scrawny tree. No deep ditches. Nowhere for someone to hide.

About twenty-five miles south of that spot my skin started to crawl. What? It can’t be? Right before my eyes I see the same hitchhiker. This time walking south. Same black hooded jacket. Same brown backpack. Same jeans.  One thing sticks out in my mind. He had his left sleeve pulled up. His left arm was exposed and was so pale it was almost glowing.  Sort of the way my legs glowed this past summer when I was at the beach. One person who knows me experienced this in person. I think they’re traumatized.

This time I never saw the hitchhiker’s face. This time he didn’t vanish. This time I knew I had really seen him. This time freaked me out! I told someone after this time. In fact I told several people. They think I’ve lost my mind. Hell they probably already think I don’t have a mind.

I’ve asked other drivers. I’ve searched online. I’ve yet to find anyone else who has seen this hitchhiker.  I know what I saw. Soon you’ll read about the other times I’ve seen this hitchhiker.  That’s right. There is more to come.


Ride Safe,


How do you feel about ghosts? Do you believe? Have you ever seen any? Would you like to? Sit back and let me tell you about what I’ve seen recently. You may think I’ve lost my mind. Hell if you’ve been here a while you already know I’m crazy. I’ve certainly questioned my own sanity after the experiences I’ve had.

I was heading north on I-65 around Athens Alabama the Friday before New Year’s. It was a clear night. I was well rested. There was absolutely no reason for me to doubt what I soon saw. There was someone standing on the shoulder of the road hitchhiking.  I don’t like seeing people on the side of the road like that because you never know what they are going to do. This exit is well-lit and there is only one little tree in the large grassy area.  I checked my left mirror to make sure the left lane was clear before I moved over. When I looked back at the hitchhiker he vanished right before my eyes.

Now I just figured I was a little more tired than I thought I was.  I shook it off as my eyes playing tricks on me. Even though I knew I wasn’t. I didn’t think too much about it. I didn’t say anything to anyone. You would probably never have even known. That is until that same Friday when I was headed back south. That’s when I realized that it wasn’t just my mind playing tricks on me.


Ride Safe