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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Lately it seems every time I visit with my Mother that she has something rather deep and meaningful to say to me. Perhaps I’m noticing it more these days. When you’ve lived for eighty-nine years you can’t help but gather tremendous knowledge.  Being able to share that knowledge is a gift. Those of us on the receiving end need to realize that gift and cherish it.

It’s no secret that I’m the lone caregiver to both my Mother and my Aunt. I’m happy to be able to do for them. Granted at times it can get overwhelming. I press on. I do what I can. Sometimes there will be someone come into my life that I trust enough to try to let them help. Unfortunately that’s about the same time that they turn away. Just the nature of people I suppose.

Happenings such as this, among other things, are why I don’t depend on anyone else. I’ve learned through the years to try not to expect anything from anyone. Granted there are a rare few people who have always been there no matter what. For the most part though when someone says they will always be there for you, that’s not what they mean. Always has very different definitions for most folks.

This past weekend while doing some things for my Mother, she said something that hit close to home. She told me that I was paying my debt to the devil. That taking care of two old women and the troubled relationships from my past are what’s paying that debt. I’ve never thought of it as paying a debt. In fact I’ve never thought of not taking care of them.

I made a promise to my Daddy many years ago that I would always take care of them. I’m a man of my word.  People may hate me for many reasons. One thing is certain. I do what I say. In those rare instances that I can’t do what I say, I will give a reason why.  One of my many faults is being brutally honest. People don’t like honesty. They want you to tell them what they want to hear.

For now I’ll keep right on paying my debt to the devil. Someday it may even be paid in full.


Ride Safe





Sometimes I have to just ride. No place in particular. Just ride. Go down roads. Turn down other roads. Ride until I’m lost. Ride until I’m found. Ride until I forget. Ride to remember. Ride ride ride. Just ride.

Those are the best rides. No time frame. No place to be. Finding new things to see. New places to eat. Running across places from your past. Finally stopping at that spot you’ve been meaning to check out.
This happens to be one of those places I’ve been meaning to stop at. I finally did. Unfortunately for me the live band was packing up. I was a tad bit late. In fact it was damn near closing time.  I may have missed the music but the food sure struck a chord.  Yum yum!

Oh the goodness that lies within this building. Definitely will be on a return when possible basis for me. Loved the food, the atmosphere and certainly I’ll love the live music too.  I mean come on, when the food is so good that an alligator has to lay down on the bench out front. You know it has to be good.There is even a nice courtyard beside the building. How could you not enjoy a dining experience here? We’ve all heard of the Big Easy. Well this little piece of culinary heaven has a distinction as well.  It’s posted right here on this sign for all to see.  They even have a bank right next door. Something tells me that the money from this particular bank may be a tad bit dusty. Doesn’t look like they’ve had many transactions lately. Word has it that the bank can be used for private functions. What sort of interesting places have you eaten lately? What is your favorite jewel that you’ve discovered on a ride?  If you’re in the Nashville area you owe it to yourself to check out Richard’s Cafe at the corner of Old Hickory Blvd and Whites Creek Pike.

Ride Safe,


Soon the “Little Woman” will be a year old. My how that time period has changed things. I sit and think about what destinations I have in mind for the coming year and I can’t help but reflect over the rides of the past year. I enjoyed a short ride with my good friend the “Love Buzzard”. This was an impromptu little journey but it represented some very major strides.

This shot was taken  over in the Ozarks. Some of the best roads to ride anywhere. If you haven’t been you really need to go.

The trip to Cumberland Falls was certainly humid and hot. It was still good to spend a couple of days exploring the back roads of Tennessee and Kentucky.

Then I think of a ride to a site so that I could reflect on a wonderful friend that has left this world. To see the paint left on the guard rail to remind you how everything can change in an instant. Rickey always helped others. It was after the accident that happened here while he was helping the other people that he had a heart attack and left us.

Although it doesn’t look it in this photo, it was a cool fall day. Granted it wasn’t as cold as the night before. Especially after the sun went down. I won’t ever forget the damn White Squirrel Festival. Maybe I’ll ride over into North Carolina just to visit that damn festival. It caused a trip down to South Carolina to find a place to hole up for the night.

I suppose all in all it wasn’t a bad year of riding. Granted I didn’t ride the miles of years past. But a decent amount nonetheless. In another year’s time it will be interesting to look back through the photographs and remember the places I traveled to.  I think the thing I enjoy the most is finding America. Taking the time to see the oft forgotten back roads. Seeing the remnants of times past. The history of what made this country great.

The coming months will be more of the Ronman rides of old. More unplanned adventures. More just heading out with no particular point in mind. Just seeing where the journey takes me. I hope you’ll stop by to see where I’ve been.

Ride Safe


I rode off on a covert mission recently. Sure I traveled on some roads I have been down many a time before. Even still I noticed new things on this journey. To me that’s the beauty of back roads. It doesn’t matter how many times you travel down them you can see something new each and ever time. Linden Tennessee is located high about the Buffalo River in Perry County. Recently they made the news for having thirty percent unemployment. That’s 30%! These fine folks have been hurting for work. They most certainly are struggling. But the town doesn’t look grim.  I stopped to take this photograph of the courthouse and decided to actually look around a bit.  Man was I ever glad that I didI started seeing these wonderful murals on the walls. They are beautiful. They tell the story of this small town. They tell the story of many a small towns across America. I was in aw of the beauty on this walls. It was pure joy to be walking around and exploring this wonderful little town. I’ve often wondered why engines aren’t rated in Mule power. Let’s be honest here, Mules always have the hard jobs. I love Mules. I have some fond memories of going to Mule pulls with my Daddy. One of my favorite memories was seeing him use a mule to dig taters. On another occasion we had our old truck stuck down the hill with a load of wood. He used the same mule to pull that truck up the hill. He grew up farming with mules.Now that’s the way to advertise.This little gem was inside the entryway of a business. Something about the era depicted here always captures my heart. I think it is from all the stories I quietly sat and listened to as a boy growing up. My parents and Aunts and Uncles loved telling me about how they grew up and the years during the War.This was gorgeous. It was though you were looking at the growth through a series of windows. Unique way to spotlight their championship sports teams don’t you think? I urge everyone to take the time to dig a little deeper into this period in our history.  You’ve done yourself a disservice if you only learned the brief things taught in school about this part of our American history.  Read about the people. Read about the reasons. Get out and go see the places. Take the time to learn.I took the time to stop and see the beauty. I need to get back to Linden and visit the shops that were closed on this wonderful afternoon. I need to slow down and live for a time. Not just ride on through. We all need to do that. Get off the interstate. Take the back roads. Stop and look around.  You may be surprised at what you’ll find. I found America.

Ride Safe


I checked on the girls today. That means I hauled the trash off for my Aunt and myself. She always has to come outside and make sure I get all of it. You know because I take the partial bags and combine them. That always makes her think I left some of it.

Then I drove to Nashville to take my Mother some tomato plants. Found the brand she loves. Been about three years since I’ve found any of them. To say she was happy is an understatement. She’s 89 in case you didn’t know.

She looked exhausted so I asked her what she’d been up to. She showed me a spot in the corner of one of her flower beds that she’d been weeding. There was a tiny spot that she’d cleaned off. I asked her how long she worked on it and she said three hours. I told her that I would do it for her and then she said something that stopped me dead in my tracks.

“I don’t know when it will be the last time I get to do this. I do it because I enjoy it so.”

She is going down hill. It’s tough to have to watch and not be able to do anything about it. Just like those three long years I had to watch my Daddy die. But one thing is certain. She’s enjoying messing with her flower beds and pulling weeds. I know she’s happy.

Bear Creek Church

It was early in the week when I got the call. Dennis was on the other end. Everyone needs a Dennis. He’s one of those people who either knows how to do anything or can figure out how. A finer man I’ve yet to meet. I met Dennis years ago via Ham Radio. I was big time into CW back then. He wanted to learn CW. I suppose I spurred him along some.

It seems Dennis wanted to take a ride on the upcoming Sunday. Well I’m all about taking a ride. Unfortunately I was supposed to have a breakfast visit with an out-of-town friend. By eleven o’clock the friend was a no-show. Time to ride.  For those of you reading this that think you can’t afford a bike pay attention.  Dennis was on his 2003 Honda Night Hawk 750. He bought this bike last year for a couple grand with only 3,000 miles on it. This bike is his daily commuter scooter. But as you can see it’s perfect for a couple hundred mile afternoon jaunt too.  There are plenty of these bikes out there. Just look around a little and you’ll find your treasure. Sure it’s not a new bike. So what! It’s a great bike nonetheless. We had one of those rides where we just went. We took roads that I had never been on. I always love when I wind up someplace that I’d seen but didn’t know how to get there. Today was one of those days. Of course we took roads that we had been on before too.  It was nice showing Dennis some places that are out-of-the-way and off the beaten path.  When we met I asked him where we were going. His reply was you lead. You’re the one with the sense  of adventure.  Ha! I don’t know about adventure and I damn sure don’t have much sense. Twice before I had passed this old abandoned church. Twice I had thought damn I should have taken a photograph of that. Today we turned around and went back for the shot. I wonder what the story is on this place. I wonder how old this building is. Who knows if I’ll ever find out.

I do know the story on Dennis. He’s a true friend. He’s been there through the good and the bad. That much I know for certain. I’m always happy to get a late night phone call from him. Especially when it ends up leading to a wonderful scooter ride. Thanks Dennis!


Ride Safe