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Monthly Archives: June 2012

I always enjoy getting out on my scooter wandering and wondering. Something about being completely exposed to the elements and all that is around is somewhat freeing. There is no hiding from the people either. However, that exposure brings me solace.  A sort of being hid in plain sight type of thing.

Most of the roads I took I had been on many times. I was deciding my route as I went. I normally have a general idea of where I’m going. I just don’t know exactly how I’ll get there. One stop on this journey involved delivering a cast iron skillet.  Don’t ask!  Long story. I’ve been toting that damn skillet around for months.  But I gave my word that I would hand deliver it and that’s exactly what I did.

Once I made the delivery I just rode. I didn’t really think about where I was headed.  I had just gassed up and knew I was good for a good 250 miles or more.  All at once it just hit me. I didn’t want to be going the way I was headed.  I don’t know why. I just had to take another route. I started taking roads. I wound through a neighborhood.  Suddenly I popped out and was stopped dead in my tracks. Places like this are why I love riding the backroads of our wonderful land. Here it was. A weathered old silo. An old store. The railroad that helped send goods to and fro across this land. The flags of our beloved America. Flags representing a state. Flags representing communities. Flags honoring those gone before. This old grain elevator has undoubtedly seen it’s share of rail cars. I wonder how many generations of men have worked there. I wonder how many thousands or cars have been loaded there.  It’s important that we see glimpses of our past so that we can have a guide for our future.

I left this place a ball of emotions. I was happy to have found it. I was sad for the sacrifices of the people the town memorialized. I was hot from the sun’s heat bearing down on me. I took a couple sips from the water bottle full of hot liquid to keep me hydrated. Off I rode down some unknown trail.

Somewhere riding among those corn fields and old barns I noticed something on my face. It took me a minute to figure out that I had tears rolling down my cheeks. But why? Then it became clear as to why. I was happy. I was free. I was completely lost somewhere in the middle of no place special. Nobody knew where I was. Not even me.  My soul was drinking in the fuel that is my very existence.

Along the way I had found my happiness.



Yesterday was one of those days that I’ll look back upon happily for years to come.  It wasn’t anything particularly special, yet very special at the same time. It was the kind of day I enjoy. A day to fly by the seat of my pants. Nothing really laid out in stone.

I was fortunate enough to enjoy a leisurely dinner with a beautiful dear friend. It’s nice to catch up sometimes. Especially when you aren’t in a rush.  Being able to take the time to enjoy your meal and the lost art of conversation.  Soon it was time for my friend to head back to work. That meant it was time for me to head out.

I wasn’t sure where I would go or even where I would end up come nightfall. I was letting the spirit move me. Unfortunately it had been quite some time since I had practiced this magical art form.  I was a bit rusty. I couldn’t seem to get my mojo going.

I found myself being drawn westward. Perhaps it was that nagging desire to visit Ft. Pillow that continues to haunt me. I was prepared to spend a day or two on the road if need be. I had a few things on the bike to sustain me that long. Some beef jerky. A bottle of water. A tooth-brush. Some deodorant. A change of socks, drawers and T-shirt.  Hell, I was good to go.

Reaching Dover, I decided it was time for a break.  Not having any one destination calling to me, I decided to just work my way back towards home. I knew that winding little road that skirts the edge of lake Barkley would be shaded and cool.  That is what seemed right to me. That’s what I did.  Soon I found myself at a cross roads. One familiar to me. Although it dawned on me I had never taken the road leading north. North it was.

I stumbled across this little encampment. It was the sight of a re-enactment of a battle. I love finding these jewels. When you can see and touch sites such as this it helps put things into perspective.I believe that the soldiers of the War of Northern Aggression also drew deeply from luck as well as the Lord.  Taking this photograph had my skin tingling.I have no idea what these talons represent. Very interesting though.

One of the many things that I love about Tennessee is that you never know what sort of interesting and educational treats that you will find. So many important places and people of our country can be found in the greenest state in the land of the free.  Ride Safe,



Think about it for a minute if you would. It’s really a true statement. I don’t mean to belittle either of the two. In fact I believe I’m complimenting both. Let’s just make a list and see what we have, shall we.

Pipes are a thing of beauty-Women are beautiful

Pipes come in many shapes, sizes and designs-Women have many various shapes, sizes and each has her own style

Pipes are a means of relaxing-Women are very fun to relax with

Pipes are used to enjoy the flavor of the tobacco rolling over your pallet-Women each have a special scent, smell or flavor that they share so that we can enjoy being with them

Pipes can be cherished and enjoyed for a lifetime-Women can be cherished and enjoyed for a lifetime

Pipes become wet when they are too hot. The tobacco oozes it’s moisture-Women get wet when they get turned on and hot.To rectify either one it takes a good probing.

Wouldn’t you now agree that pipes are like women?

6 June1944 is a day nobody should ever forget. The sacrifices that were made for mankind were unthinkable. Everyone owes a debt of gratitude to the brave men who undertook such an enormous task on that day.

National D-Day Memorial

Several years ago I knew someone who always complained about their husband. She was constantly saying how awful it was to live with someone so uncaring and unloving. He made big money. They lived in the right zip code. They drove the fancy cars.  To the passer-by  they looked as though they had it all.

She was beautiful. He was a typical salesman, full of shit. They were keeping up with the Jones’. Living a lie. He didn’t see her beauty anymore. She missed getting attention.

Years later I saw this again. The beautiful woman feeling neglected. Married to the full of shit salesman. Living in the fancy part of town.  Seemingly having it all from the outward appearance.

In reality he was always asking about other women. Wanting to know the details of other women and their sexual prowess.  Overlooking the beauty he had at home.

Much like the aforementioned beauty, he had shelved his trophy wife. She was unhappy. She complained to others. Searching for that long-lost feeling of appreciation and being wanted. Sharing the unsatisfying unromantic encounters of being the recipient of the desires brought about by watching porn to overcome arousal problems. Hurriedly grabbing lube and taking the sparse action offered.

Why is it these people communicate with others yet fail to communicate with their partners? Communication is the key to any relationship. Be it business, political, friendship or romantic.  Talk it out with the parties involved. Don’t just drag others into this.

Look for the answers between one another. Casting a tale of lies, just to bring someone else into the mix, only hurts the one drug into this vortex. Using someone to prop you up until you regain confidence is piss poor.

But I suppose everyone wants a scapegoat. A sacrifice to bear the brunt of the blame. The good old bait and switch approach.  You can only self medicate with alcohol for so long.  I’m guilty of self medicating in the past myself. It helps you not care about your troubles. It doesn’t fix a damn thing.

What this behavior does is diminish the belief in others. Destroys other people’s ideas that there are still good human beings in this world. It makes it harder for people to trust in someone. It kills the hope of honesty.

If you want to continue living life as a cum dumpster then by all means go right ahead. But don’t tell the ones willing to help you that they remind you of where you come from. That they remind you of who you really are.  You may be able to live the lie for a time. That time is limited. Lies may be overlooked until they continue far too often to be ignored any longer.

I had forgotten what a wise man once told me about this type of people. He said “They are right where they want to be”. That is the truth. If they wanted to get out of their situation they would do something about it.  They would work to resolve the issues with their partner. They would leave the relationship and not drag around in doing so. Making promises that you never intend to keep is not the answer.

Learn from my mistakes people. Save yourself from these sort of troubles. Hopefully I can find a way to learn from them and still keep hope that good people exist.