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Monthly Archives: July 2012

I realize that people don’t like trucks. I know they think we’re in the way. I know they think we’re holding up traffic on purpose. Perhaps most people don’t know a few things. Allow me to enlighten you.

The truck I drive goes 66mph. That’s wide open. I can’t even go the speed limit. I’m sorry that you feel I’m holding you up. But before you go getting pissed do this. Look around. Do you see all that stuff? Everything was brought to you by a truck. Your food, your shelter, your clothing at many points traveled by truck to ultimately wind up in your possession.

I spend most nights hauling freight up and down the road. In doing so I’m dodging wildlife, rock slides and the elements. The postal service isn’t the only one going through rain, sleet, snow and dark of night. I’ve done so for the past 26 years. That’s longer than many of you who read this have been alive. I know I’m an old fucker.

I’ve driven millions of miles accident free. I’m out there in an eight foot coffin six feet off the ground. It’s my office. I get to have every old couple that’s spent their life savings on a huge motor home learning as they go on how to drive it. I see families traveling on vacations and holidays. I see people thinking that they’re on a race course. I see the people ripped apart and killed in accidents. Daily!

My body is beaten and sore from riding on an interstate system in about as good of shape as the dead president it’s named for. It’s caused me to miss holidays and family functions. That is when I still had a family. It’s played a role in my loss of that family as well.

I’ve said all this to hopefully get you to think about some things. I once was a hot head. The events of today are not the norm for me anymore. Those two shit dicks just pissed me off on the wrong day. While they were at home dick swabbing each others colons and then wiping them off with their tonsils, I was working all night. In fact I was probably hauling products that they’ll sit inside their air conditioned house and order online so that they won’t have to get out.

There’s a shit ton more work to driving a rig than just sitting up there holding the steering wheel. Between ever changing regulations, dodging idiots and animals and everyday problems it gets taxing. Yes I chose this profession. I still enjoy what I do. I just want people to know we aren’t out there just to get in your way. We’re doing our job. We’re the lifeblood and backbone of this country.

This has been a rant.


The other morning I decided to stop and grab a quick bite to go from the golden heart attack. No big deal, right? Remember I’m driving a tractor trailer.

I was attempting to work my way out of the parking lot when some guy and his pal decided I was in their way. I was blocking one of the driveways. They were still on the main road turning onto the side street to pull into the lot. Had they driven another forty yards they could have used the other entrance.

Pete and re-Pete decide that they would pull in front of me shaking their heads and giving me the finger. Today wasn’t the day to do that. I set my brakes and proceeded to climb all 6’2” 300 pounds of myself out of the truck. As someone here once told me, I’m substantial.

They continued to run their mouths as I walked toward them. I didn’t fancy being cussed by this pair. It seems that when they realized I was really getting close that they would stop. I took the opportunity to explain to them that if they wanted to step outside of the car that I would gladly remove those fingers at the shoulder and shove them up their ass. As a bonus I would gladly skull fuck them until they bled out.

About this time Pete figured out how to get the car in reverse. I’m pretty sure that dent in the roof can be pushed back out. If not, oh well.

Fuck ‘em!

I love getting lost in a ride. I mean that both figuratively and literally. As I wander around I let my mind wonder as well. This ride was no different. I had just realized I was truly happy for the first time in a very long time.  I was soaking in the sights and smells of the beauty of nature that surrounded me.  The smell of cornfields. The smell of water. The coolness of the shade.

Soon I would realize that the water was from the Ohio river. This was good to know seeing as I was needing to cross the river over into Indiana.  Although I didn’t know exactly where I was, I knew I was near where I needed to be.

As I rode along smiling and enjoying my view, something caught my eye. It was a stately old home. Wait! Could it be? Yes! I knew this home. It was the Holt House.  Just like the first time I remember seeing this house, it was a very hot day. That first visit was back in 2008. I remember the date because it was the same day that a good friend passed away.  September 1, 2008 will forevermore be etched into my memory.Another memory from that fateful day in 08 is what we saw in this house. You see the house was empty. At that time it was before the restoration had begun.  Yet there was someone or something looking out of the upstairs window down at us.  I’m not the only one who saw something that day. Several, if not all of us on the ride saw it. Could it be the ghost of Joseph Holt?

Since that day I’ve heard of other people having experiences around this old house.  I’ve heard of people having car accidents near this house because of strange things in the roadway. Someone also said that she’s heard of an old tunnel from the house over to the riverbank. That the house possibly was used as a stop on the underground railroad. Who knows for sure? I certainly don’t.Joseph Holt held several prominent positions in our Federal Government. Serving as Commissioner of Patents, Postmaster General and Secretary of War under President James Buchanan. President Abraham Lincoln appointed Holt as the first Judge Advocate General of the United States of America. Holt presided over the trial of the conspirators who assassinated President Lincoln.  I challenge you to search out more information on this historic old house. Places such as this are falling to the wayside far too often. I believe that it is important that they be preserved to not only tell the story of our great country, but also help us understand and appreciate the cost of making this country. Nowadays we sit in our modern air-conditioned homes seeing things on our computers.  Although a wealth of knowledge and important, the internet can’t compare to touching history. Get out and feel with your own fingertips the stones and bricks and mortar or these places. Standing in the yard puts you in place to somewhat understand what life was like in the past. Just like this rusting old piece of farm equipment, these places won’t last forever unless they are preserved. The time to see them is now. Get out and find the history that right outside your door. Get off the interstate and ride the backroads of this great land. Open your eyes and you will be able to see and touch historical places of our forefathers.

Ride Safe,