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Monthly Archives: December 2012

The recent events have had the world in a buzz of debate. No where has this been more prevalent than in social media. Sitting back and reading so much information has my mind wondering about many different things.  I want to spend a little time putting the thoughts floating around my mind into words.

First, let me state that I will not be using the names of any of the people who committed these crimes.  I feel that they are a waste of human flesh.  They are vile and despicable.  Instead I will be writing some of my thoughts on these horrific tragedies.

In times such as these we hear people screaming out for gun control. They feel that if we take away firearms that these things won’t happen. Well here’s something to stew over. Recently I heard an interview on a late night talk show about all this. The person being interviewed stated that since the 1950s  only one of these mass killings had taken place in a location that permitted people to legally carry firearms for personal protection.  Makes you stop and think for a minute, doesn’t it?

Here is something else to think about. The Aurora shooter had seven theaters in his area. Of those seven, only one didn’t allow people to legally carry their firearms for personal protection.  The one he chose was this theater. It wasn’t the one closest to his home.

Let us take a minute to look at some other methods used for these mass murders. One of the first I can remember used Koolaid.  Granted it didn’t occur in the United States. However, it did involve Americans. Remember Oklahoma City? Fertilizer and a rental truck was the weapon.  We all know where we were on 11 September 2001. Box cutters were used to kill thousands.

Here are a couple other examples of objects that kill. Automobiles, that’s right. In my home state of Tennessee alone there have been over 950 deaths on the highways this year. That’s just one state.  How about drugs?  Both legal and illegal drugs kill people.

I don’t recall seeing any outcry in the mainstream media to ban Koolaid, fertilizer, rental trucks, box cutters or motor vehicles. Do you?  Prescription medications and alcohol are the two substances that are most abused and addictive in this country. Yet we have people wanting to legalize more drugs all the time.

I have read where people are ranting that if we only allowed knives there wouldn’t be any deaths from these types of crimes. I don’t even have to struggle to find examples that contradict this. In Nashville alone I can think of four people who’s lives were taken away from them by stabbings.

In all of this there is one common denominator. Criminals!  Criminals are the problem. They will find a means to carry out their plans using any method. Many of these individuals are mentally ill. How about we rally behind getting mental health care available for everyone. Take care of this one issue first. Fill in these cracks we keep hearing about.  More good would come from this than any other. Focus on the problem.

There has been something else that keeps coming to mind during all this. Just an observation. It seems to me that the people who are the most vocal about being anti-gun are also the people who seem to be the most vocal in support of abortion.  They want to take away law-abiding citizen’s second amendment right yet they are okay with taking the life of a child in the womb.

Before you start lashing out at me, I’m not judging anyone here. I’m simply putting into words the things that I’ve been thinking about and observing. I don’t even want to begin to think about what someone who’s made that choice has to deal with the rest of their life.

Don’t you think it’s time we focus on the people committing these crimes?  If we can ever do this instead of focusing on the objects used to carry out the crimes, then we can truly make some progress.  These people are criminals. They think that the laws don’t apply to them. If need be, they don’t use legal methods to obtain these objects.  Think about  it. Does having a drug be illegal prevent people from obtaining them?

Just some things to ponder on.




“Focus on not being so focused and just let it flow”

Ronman Dec. 5, 2012

I still get anxious while waiting for something to show up in the mail. In this day of instant gratification it’s fun to slow things down.

Currently I’m expecting three items. One is a book written by the talented Jack Reipe.  His writing style suites me well. His humor kills me. I can’t wait to read his latest work cover to cover.

The second item is a replacement bracket for a two meter mobile radio. The radio bug has bitten me once again. I’m knocking the dust off some old gear and getting radio active.

The third item is from a very beautiful lady. I don’t know about you but when a gorgeous woman asks if she can send me “something special”, I say yes ma’am.

How about you? Are you waiting on something to be delivered?  Do you like the excitement of the anticipation? Share your thoughts on this with us.