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Monthly Archives: March 2013

That’s what I often use to work the world. My Ten-Tec Argonaut V puts out twenty watts on all the HF bands. Couple that with my wire antenna and I’m ready to communicate with the world. Granted I’ve used more output that that. I’ve also used far less.

I’ve gotten extremely active again in Ham Radio. This has been a lifelong love affair for me. It allows me to focus. Focus on learning. Focus on helping others. Focus on having fun.  After all, isn’t having fun what living is all about?

You may find it strange or unappealing to learn Morse Code and use it to communicate with strangers all over the globe. I find it therapeutic.  I find it a means of crossing the language borders. Some may think I have an accent. Pfft. I’m from the South. I don’t have an accent. Everyone else has an accent.

I suppose the point to all this is that it’s the little things that can bridge the deepest voids. Using a form of communication from years ago. Transmitting a signal via a simple wire strung up in the air. Making a short contact with someone who’s political leaders don’t see eye to eye with my own views. These are little things. However, they let two people span the globe to create a friendship via the shared passion of Ham Radio.

Do something small today that will make a world of difference.