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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Ham Radio is all about communicating. We set up our stations and then communicate with each other.  Our signals travel across town, across the state, across the country, and across the world. We use various modes, FM, AM, CW, and other Digital modes. However, it’s not always about transmitting.

Sometimes you can get as much enjoyment from simply listening.  I often listen on my nightly 480 mile commute.  I’ve been tuning down on the bottom of 40 meters and listening to some fast CW. Want to build your code speed? I suggest doing this. Sure you won’t copy everything, but who cares. It’s pushing yourself that builds your speed. Before you know it you’ll be copying 20 plus words a minute.

Sometimes listening can take you back. Take this morning. I was listening to my normal repeater to some folks talking about the past. Hams who are now silent keys came up. I was fortunate enough to have known some of the people they were discussing. Characters one and all.

Ham radio is about helping others along the way.  These folks I listened to this morning had been Hams for many years. 50, 25, 20 years respectively. Think of all the changes they’ve seen. Wow, I just realized I’m working on my 17th year as a ham. Guess I’ve been around a while too.

What have you listened to recently?  Sometimes sitting quietly and paying attention to what’s being said around you can be very entertaining.