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Monthly Archives: June 2013

 Late spring of 44 was not unlike any other for a young boy. Days were spent riding my bicycle and playing ball with my friends.  We would ride down to the creek and waste away the time fishing, skipping rocks and catching crawdads. Sometimes we would skin back the milkweeds to get the worms from inside. The fish always loved them.  Other than a good dog, nothing is more important to a boy then bikes, ball and fishing.

 On this particular day I had gone to town with my Aunt. I was supposed to help her bring back the groceries. I didn’t really mind going. Aunt Sue always let me get some candy for helping her. I liked candy. Giving up a couple hours from my busy day was worth it for that candy.

 Aunt Sue let me walk around the square while she checked on some fabric for a new dress. I always checked out the television sets sitting in Calvin’s Department store window. Sometimes there would be a western showing. Not today.

 Today there was a newsreel showing about the War. There were lots of folks gathered in front of Calvin’s watching that black and white picture. It took me a bit but I made my way through the crowd until I could see. The allied forces were invading a place called Normandy. That’s where the Germans were taking over. That Hitler was bullying his way across Europe just taking over everyone.

 I could hear someone calling my name. It was Aunt Sue. She was trying to find me so that we could finish up and rush back home. Uncle Pete, Aunt Sue’s husband was in the army. I wonder if he was one of the men in that newsreel? All I know is that Aunt Sue was grabbing my arm and all but running back to our house.