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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Today was the beginning. It was a hot one for sure. I can’t help but think back to all those opening days of my past. Squirrel season is always the start of hunting season in Tennessee. In years past I would be up long before dawn. Myself and a couple of hunting buddies would make our way to the woods.

Some years we would be hunting private lands. Some year it would be to some of the public lands around J. Percy Priest Lake.  Always we would make our way through the dark woods and find a good spot to sit and watch the world come alive.  First the birds would sing their song. They are the world’s alarm clock.

Soon you would hear the trees rustling. Off in the distance you would spot them shaking. That was the tale tale sign you were looking for. Ole mister bushy tail making his way through the woods. With some luck and a little skill, soon he would be in my game bag.  I still have that old single shot 20 gauge.  Many a squirrel has give up the ghost to her roar.

Today was different. Today I had a very late start. Today was hot. Today I didn’t expect to see any squirrels. Today was about getting my Mountain Feist in the woods. She needs to learn the sights and smells of the great outdoors.

It was so much fun watching her run around checking things out. We only spent a couple hours out there today. I made sure to bring along water for both of us.  I think we were both panting. I also believe that little opening day jaunt did us both some good.

Hopefully today was the start of something good. I know I’m certainly looking forward to spending much more time in the woods than in the past ten years.  In fact I already have. When you combine the time I’ve put in scouting for deer and the couple times I’ve had that pretty little Mountain Feist in the woods, I’m way ahead of the game.

Get up. Get out. Get living.