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Many a year has passed since I followed my hounds through the woods. Although not a hound, Jordan is a hunting dog. That pretty little Treeing Mountain Feist is breathing new life into me.  Nothing like walking through the woods accompanied by your dog. Jordan's First SquirrelI took advantage of a nice cool morning to enjoy nature. I went complete old school and carried my old 20 gauge single shot. I’ve had that gun since I was 9 years of age. Many a squirrel has given up the ghost to the boom of that old gun. It seemed fitting that it should bring down the first squirrel that Jordan treed.

It wasn’t pretty, mind you. I saw the squirrel before she did. She was smelling it though. She tracked it perfectly. Retracing every step the squirrel had made to the tree. That did my old heart much good. As soon as she started treeing I brought him down.

This may not seem like much to you. What you don’t know is that this was only the third time Jordan has been in the woods.  I did see another squirrel on our short little trip. It was tough to let it walk. Had Jordan been able to locate it, that would have been a different story.

She’s using her nose good. Now she will get the hang of looking in the trees for movement and listening in time. It’s up to me to keep putting her in the timber.


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