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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Sitting here thinking about the past few weeks has been nice.  Doing a bit of fishing has brought back many fond memories. The beauty of nature is so relaxing. Feeling the tug of a fish is as exciting as ever. Seeing a juvenile Bald Eagle in flight was mesmerizing. Spending time with a few friends has been wonderful. Some visits were far too brief. However it was uplifting being able to hug and kiss someone I love.  Baseball was enjoyed. My Braves sweeping the Reds was nice. 

Enjoying the lost art of conversation with a couple of fine folks into the wee hours of the morning did wonders for me.  Many old stories were shared. Finding out some similarities was pretty neat. Talking about music, radios, cars, baseball and life in general was just what the doctor ordered.  Slowing life down and working my memory is a wonderful thing. 

One final thought. Home made Apple pie from home grown apples.  My oh my!