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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Last night i enjoyed some fruits of my labors. Vegetables to be more accurate.   I picked some squash from my little raised bed garden. Then I reached over and pulled an onion from the ground.  Soon they had been washed and sliced and put into a pot.  Add a little water and seasoning and the flavors were filling the air.  To finish out this simple meal I heated up a couple peaces of ham. 

This may seem boring to you. That’s okay if it is. But you see it’s something much deeper for me.  That small raised bed garden takes me back to growing up and helping Daddy with his gardens.  He always enjoyed growing huge gardens. Neighbors would stop to admire the rows and rows of vegetables growing in our yard.  Weeds didn’t have a chance. Between running the tiller between the rows and chopping them with a hoe, they were not tolerated. 

I’ve enjoyed watching my little plants grow.  It relaxes me playing in the dirt. Sometimes my plants don’t  produce. Truthfully I don’t really plant my garden for the harvest.  I plant it to remember. I plant it to feel a closeness to my Daddy.  I plant it for the memories it brings to me.  


Not long ago I was searching for a tracking collar to use on my hunting dogs.  I try to find the small local businesses anytime I can. In doing so I ran across a jewel of a place.  Viola Valley Hunting Supply is owned by Rodney Wright.  Rodney has been hunting for over 40 years.  His love of the outdoors and hunting is what gave birth to Viola Valley Hunting Supply.

If you want anything from briar proof  clothing to boots to lights to leads and collars, Rodney is the man to see.  He not only sells these products, he uses them himself.  He took the time to show me how the tracking system worked. He didn’t just take my money and shove me out the door. Customer service is tough to find these days.  Rodney gives you that service.  He also adds little extras.  The tracking system I purchased he had already uploaded the topographical map. That’s the sort of extras I’m talking about. 

Give Rodney a call at 931-212-4256 or visit his website at