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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Many years I’ve had an idea in my head.  I knew what I wanted to do.  I simply had to find the right pieces.  Today I found what I thought would be the ones. I couldn’t wait to get home and start to work.  It was scalding hot with impending thunderstorms.  I gathered my tools and set about the task at hand.


I had barely started when this big dark cloud drifted overhead. Sure thing it let out a loud clap of thunder and started to rain.  Well that put a damper on things for now.  I gathered all my tools and brought them back into the garage. I decided to sit there and listen to the Braves game on the radio while I enjoyed the rain. Quite impressive was the lightning.  The smell of the rain is always refreshing. It reminds me of when I was a kid.  We would play in the rain as long as there was not any lightning. I can still taste the salt from my skin being washed into my mouth by the rain.


After a span of time I decided to step inside and watch the end of the game.  I passed the time online as I waited for the storm to pass.  Finally it was safe to go back outside and continue.  Now I had done preliminary testing to see if there was room enough for the addition.  Yes, it seems as though there is.  I continued to drill and attach the bases.  Yes, I do believe this will work.


You see my little project was placing some lights under the tailgate of my old Dodge.  Years ago I had done the same of a couple of trucks.  I know it’s silly but it gives me pleasure to relive some of my past.  Picture this if you will. I was wearing one of the headlamps I recently picked up. You know, like I wore Coonhunting.  Here I am sitting behind my truck out in the drive drilling and screwing these lights on.  Once I had them all mounted it was time to reattach the tailgate.


Everything thus far had gone rather smoothly. Well, it didn’t last. It seems that the lights mounted in the center didn’t allow enough clearance for the tailgate to be lowered completely.  Upon further inspection I found that the tailgate was curved.  That slight curve was enough to catch on those center lights.  By this time I was sopping wet with sweat.  Frustrated, I decided to call it a night.  Tomorrow I’ll see if I can adjust the location of the center lights enough to allow the tailgate to operate properly.


Thus, my little project is put on hold.  There was a time that I would have been rather angry.  Tonight I simply laughed at my predicament. I’ll get something figured out.  I’ll find a way to have these lights.  They will symbolize the dim glow of my past.  Being mounted on the rear of the old Dodge will remind me of where I came from.  It’s important to always remember where you’ve been.  Though not as bright as where you’re going. The dim glow is always there to remind us of where we came from.


Here we are basically a month away from the start of hunting seasons here in Tennessee.  I can’t wait for the opening of squirrel season.  I have grand visions of working my two Mountain Feists a few times a week.  I’ve seen some encouraging signs from both of them over the summer.  Not to mention what they showed me during our spring squirrel season.


Although it can and will be frustrating at times, I’m looking forward to seeing these two grow and mature.  Jordan being older is doing very good on general commands and obedience.  Buster on the other hand, well he’s getting there. He’s younger and hard headed.  We’re working on that.  I can certainly tell when I skip a day or two working on things.  Honestly I’m not sure who’s teaching who. One thing is certain, these little dogs show you plenty of love.  They really want you to be happy with them.


Along the lines of getting back to my roots I’m toying with another idea.  There was a time many years back in which I trapped.  I’m leaning toward trying my hand at this age old outdoor skill once again. Granted it will only be on a very small scale. Nothing more than a hobby undertaking at best. However it will give me another reason to enjoy more time spent in nature.  Nonetheless it will be challenging in many ways.


In the not too distant future it will be time for  our deer season to begin.  Looking forward to harvesting a couple this year for the freezer.  The land I have to deer hunt is very peaceful.  Not to mention it’s way out in the middle of nowhere.  The type of place in which you can look up into the night sky and feel as though you could touch the stars.  There aren’t many places left around here these days that don’t have so much light pollution that you can’t easily see the heavens at night.


Most people think the reward in hunting is the harvest. I disagree. The reward is the time spent in nature.  Learning from the wildlife how to better one’s own way of living. Hearing the glorious chorus of birds as the sun begins to rise over the eastern horizon. Seeing the playful nature of squirrels and they race around through and over the land via the trees. Seeing a flock of turkeys bugging on the buffet of insects provided them through nature’s food chain. Watching a bachelor group of young bucks wandering around strutting their stuff like a group of teenagers. These and oh so many more things are the rewards of hunting and spending time in nature.


Weather walking in a park, driving down a backroad or even flying down the interstates of this great land. We can all take a moment to enjoy the beauty of nature and the wildlife who call it home.  Look around and truly notice what’s been right before you eyes all along.


I’ve spent the past few days burning up the last of my vacation time for the year.  The way life is these days for me there wasn’t any big plans.  I’m not able to take any trips of substantial distance.  That’s okay with me.  I’m doing what needs to be done. The days of jumping on a motorcycle and heading off into the sunset are over.  In fact I believe my riding days are done with. That is a period of my life that gave me many wonderful memories.


I stopped at a little diner for some lunch yesterday.  While enjoying my meal I was thinking about the many aspects of my life.  Gradually I’m working on simplifying things.  Somewhere between the field peas, cornbread and pot roast it hit me.  Why had I not figured this out before now?  The epiphany was that I needed to live my life much the same way I went about my solo scooter rides. I have a general idea of the direction I want to head off in.  But I’ll make the decision on which direction to continue on when I come to that particular crossroad. Many times on my scooter trips I would find a hidden treasure simply by following the pull of whatever way the spirit moved me.


One such pull that has never left me is the pull of nature.  I grew up hunting, fishing and camping.  These are three things that both ground and recharge me.  They are things that I can certainly enjoy alone, but I can also share them with others.  Speaking of others, I think it’s high time I step away from many folks.  In doing such I’m helping remove stress and aggravation from my life.  I’ve learned that I don’t need to explain myself to others. Chances are they wouldn’t understand anyway.


More than likely it will take longer than I want to simplify my life.  The time frame isn’t up to anyone other than myself.  Time is a precious commodity. If someone takes it for granted they won’t be experiencing much of mine afterwords. In doing so I won’t feel pressured to do anything with anyone.  Having spent lots of time in the past reaching out to others I feel it is time to focus more on myself.  You can give and give and give and then you are give out. Once I feel I’ve reached the place I need to be internally, then it will be time to look outwardly once again.


The past few days have brought some surprises my way.  Some I’m still amazed about. Although totally unexpected they have helped bring a clarity to my thoughts and pondering.  Hopefully as I move forward in life I’ll be able to get the thought process flowing more freely.  I know my writing has suffered and fallen off the past couple of years.  Now I feel the fire building inside once again.  Hopefully the steam will keep the process churning.


Who knows what direction I’ll take next? I certainly don’t have a clue.  But I surely can’t wait to find out.