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Monthly Archives: January 2015

One thing is certain. We cannot stop time.  Time keeps going no matter what we do. Once again we’ve run through another year.  Another 365 days are but a memory. Along with time there is also change.  Change in seasons. Change in weather. Change is styles. Change in relationships.

This past year has been refreshing and rejuvenating  in many ways.  I’ve enjoyed getting more involved in my dogs.  So much so that I raised a litter of pups.  I enjoyed messing with and learning about  the Treeing Mountain Feists.  It has taught me many lessons and helped me through some difficult times.  Most of all it has made me realize that I needed to get back into coonhunting and working with Bluetick Coonhounds.

The time spent in search of another Bluetick hound has brought me new friendships. I’ve learned about and embraced new technology.  I’ve been able to get back in touch with friends that I haven’t seen in many years.  My health has improved. My mindset has improved. My entire outlook on life has improved.  I have a focus and a drive that has been absent from my life for far too long.  I have a new respect for the good in people.  I’ve been able to get to know, love and admire some folks that I barely knew as well as new people that I’d never known.  Strong bonds have been made.

The year brought loss as well.  The death of my former father-in-law opened some old wounds.  Because of the respect I had for this man I went to the funeral home.  Hearing from my estranged daughter gave me a brief glimmer of hope that she had softened her heart and wanted me to be in her life.  Unfortunately those embers were quickly put out.  Once again her actions and lack of action proved her true feelings.  It was brought to my attention that she had commented about me on social media. Reading her words crushed my soul. Reading them also brought forth the fact that she is a drama queen and putting on a performance for her friends.

The days of blaming her actions on how she has been brainwashed by her mother and her family are over. She has reached adulthood. Her actions are her responsibility. I have reached out countless times through the years.  My calls, texts, notes and letters go unanswered.  At some point I’ve done all that I can do.  I’m well beyond that point.  She has shown me nothing but contempt and proving that she doesn’t care about me or want me in her life.

Having surgery at the end of the year has been a truly humbling experience.  I want to again express my gratitude for all the well wishes, prayers and acts of kindness on my behalf. This has been something I’m not used to.  Unfortunately some people only want to do things the way they want to do them.  They may ask what they can do to help, yet when you tell them they don’t want to do that.  Unfortunately this has brought the end to some friendships. But I suspect the friends ships had run their course already anyway.  This was simply the means to end them.

Time to buckle down and hold on for the ride.  This big ole wheel keeps turning round and round.  Let’s all hang on for the ride.