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The journey of life continually surprises me.  I’ve learned to expect the unexpected.  Sometimes we can clearly see the path which we tread onwardly on.  Other times we slowly pick our way through the darkness.  Each of us chooses the route we take.  Granted there are factors not always known to us.  How we react to those factors determines where our journeys carry us.

Sometimes in our journeys we can see the hilltops rising before us.  Other times we are so deep in the valleys of life that we can’t even see our feet below us.  Traveling upward and onward we often slip and slide down the hillsides.  Those around us may assist in the slide.  Just as easily those around us may assist in pulling us back up toward the peaks.  More often than not we are left to our own devices in climbing out of the slippery slope.

Once in a lifetime we find ourselves climbing and sliding with one special someone. Someone who is there to hold on during the slide. Someone who is willing to dig in along side of you and help both of you reach the hilltop. That climb takes persistence, patience and a partner.  Neither one can give up if the climb to the hilltop is to be successful.

Unfortunately our past experiences can bring doubt.  The failures of the those not willing to do what it takes to succeed will tarnish the one who stands beside us during these trying times.  None of us are perfect. We all make mistakes.  Do we let those mistakes destroy our partnership?  Do we look within ourselves and find the reasons we have this partner?

I say we tie ourselves off to one another and reenforce our efforts to reach the top. I say we build upon our strengths and work side by side in reaching the hilltops which allow us to view the glorious future pathways which lay beyond. Our footing takes grip on those foundations. One step in front of the other I pray the journey never ends.



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  1. It’s not, this is only just the beginning!!!

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