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Category Archives: Peace

Life can oft seem as though it is one constant turmoil.  We fight many battles as we walk its pathway. Our foes are many.  The worst of which is one’s self. We are our harshest critic.  From the beginning of time man has struggled with being alone.  The joys of life are amazing.  Yet having someone, the right one to share them with is the most rewarding of all.

There is no perfect life. There are no perfect couples. There are no perfect people.  Even the best of these have their battles.  You see it is the way in which we come together to work out these battles that gives us that wholeness.  Being able to accept one another’s imperfections and still cherish the love you share is the prize.

Years I spent looking and wandering through this world. Years I spent wondering and pondering if you were out there. Years I spent not truly living a life I had given up on. Then in an instant it all changed.  One smile. One hand shake. One hot day in August of 2015 my life was forevermore changed.

Yes, we argue.  Yes, we have disagreements. Yes, we don’t always see eye to eye.  In all our imperfections we find understanding. We find answers. We find one another. We find respect. We find a future. We find our life as one.  We found our love.

One gorgeously amazing woman had the keys to my heart.  One gorgeously amazing women erased the pains of the past.  One gorgeously amazing woman knows how to push me to the edge.  One gorgeously amazing woman has brought me a new focus. One gorgeously amazing woman has shown me how to live life.

That gorgeously amazing woman who brought me peace in all our imperfections is the only woman who deserves to be my wife.

Ride safe,