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Nestled in the beauty of the mountains along the Cumberland Plateau you will find Pall Mall Tennessee.  The ride along  U.S. 127 is very relaxing.  On this fall day it was simply beautiful.  I honestly didn’t mind the clouds or cool temperatures.  Even the mist and light rain set the mood for this journey.  I can’t help but remember days such as this from my youth.  I loved when the weather was like it is on this day.  You see these conditions were perfect for coon hunting.  Oh how I loved traipsing through the woods behind those Bluetick coon hounds.187182


Pall Mall is the home of World War One hero Alvin C. York.  The York home sits along U.S. 127.  The home is open for visitors on a daily basis.  You can see the Minneapolis Moline tractor that York used on his farm.  This tractor has been restored and sits under a shed beside the barn. In addition to the restored tractor there is also a Tank and a replica of the Statue of Liberty on display at the farm.175170171


Across U.S. 127 from the York home is an old grist mill.  Though no longer in operation, it’s easy to visualize what it must have been like here at this once busy milling operation.  You can see the small dam and the  valve that allowed the water to flow under the building  to create the hydro power for the milling operation.


I hope you can take the time to venture out on the back roads of our wonderful country to see the sights or a simpler time and way of life.  I find it very therapeutic to enjoy life at a slower pace.  Amazing isn’t it?  We can learn many lessons from the views into the past.201


Ride Safe,