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Working our way through this journey we call life is thrilling, mundane and tiresome. We find ourselves in a rut at times.  In order to escape those ruts one must take whatever measures he deems necessary. In doing so you will ruffle the feathers of others around you. In the end we are ultimately responsible for ourselves. We control the choices that we make. In doing so we control our happiness.

It has taken me many trying years to learn this valuable lesson.  Sure, we can share our happiness with other likeminded people. But those people are not required for happiness.  Once you wrap your head around this little morsel of information you can begin down such a better pathway through life.

Over the weekend I was finally able to contact an old hunting buddy. It has been between twelve and fifteen years since we’ve spoke. Honestly I cannot remember why we stopped talking other than the fact that I stopped Coon hunting. Through the years I’ve wondered if he was still following those bawling hounds around the hills and hollers of Tennessee.  Much like myself he had taken some time off.  We spent a time catching up over the phone and treeing a few. It was good.

The struggle for me has been to fill a void.  Yes, motorcycles served that purpose for many years.  Although there was always something missing that I couldn’t put a finger on. Camping and fishing have and will always be a part of who I am.  A couple years ago I started Deer hunting again.  Still something was missing. I’ve known all along what it was. I simply didn’t want to admit it. I even bought a couple of Mountain Feist and started working with them Squirrel hunting.  This only compounded the emptiness.

You see, what’s been missing for far too many years, well it is Coon hunting. Following the melody of a hound as it works the track of a Coon.  I wasn’t ready yet. I didn’t have a kennel. I didn’t have the time. I didn’t have anywhere to hunt. All of these were the excuses I told myself. All are both true and false statements.

But now, now I have a kennel. Now I realize I have as much time as my old man had to hunt. Now I understand that my old hunting partner basically only hunts the two nights a week that I could hunt. Granted I don’t have all the places to hunt that I once did.  But I do have places to hunt.  In time and with some effort I feel as though I can come up with additional places to hunt.  If not I’ll enjoy what I do have.

My journey is far from over. At least I hope it is.  We never truly know how much time we have.  Realistically I don’t have as much time as has already past. So it’s up to me to use the time that remains wisely.  My search for a hound is on.  Yes I have some Mountain Feist. Yes, I have a litter of puppies due in about a month. I’ll continue to enjoy these dogs.  But I’ll also enjoy seeking out another Coonhound to bring me back full circle to my roots.  In doing so I’ll honor the traditions passed down from my Daddy and Uncle. I’ll honor those old men who took the time to let me hunt with them. I’ll honor our Almighty Creator by soaking in the beauty of nature that He has laid before us.

This life is a continual learning process. My thirst and hunger for learning is peaked.  My classroom is the outdoors. I’m ready for school to continue.




Sitting here thinking about the past few weeks has been nice.  Doing a bit of fishing has brought back many fond memories. The beauty of nature is so relaxing. Feeling the tug of a fish is as exciting as ever. Seeing a juvenile Bald Eagle in flight was mesmerizing. Spending time with a few friends has been wonderful. Some visits were far too brief. However it was uplifting being able to hug and kiss someone I love.  Baseball was enjoyed. My Braves sweeping the Reds was nice. 

Enjoying the lost art of conversation with a couple of fine folks into the wee hours of the morning did wonders for me.  Many old stories were shared. Finding out some similarities was pretty neat. Talking about music, radios, cars, baseball and life in general was just what the doctor ordered.  Slowing life down and working my memory is a wonderful thing. 

One final thought. Home made Apple pie from home grown apples.  My oh my!

Things have been busy around here lately.  I have found some time to get in some much-needed riding.  I’ve done things such as an impromptu overnight ride. I left with no particular route in mind and I certainly found it.  I headed South and rode down near the Alabama state line only to wind up in Kentucky before the night was over.


How long has it been since you’ve enjoyed a picnic? I bet it’s been far too long.  Well that’s one of the things I’ve done lately that was incredibly relaxing. How much fun it is to ride off to some remote spot on a lake to enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of nature.  Talk about peaceful.

Fall is upon us now. How long has it been since you grabbed a close friend or two and headed out on a wonderful 200 mile Sunday afternoon ride around the countryside?  Well I recently have done just this.  I took some unintended turns that wound up being excellent roads.  The crisp air was refreshing.  As you can see from the above photograph, the roads were spectacular.


Get off the couch and get outside and enjoy this amazing Fall weather while you can. Soon we’ll be enjoying the cold bone chilling temperatures of Winter.  Now don’t let this time pass you by.  Seize the day!  This is what we dream about. Live the dream!


Ride Safe,



There is nothing like a great ride with some wonderful friends to create memories that will last a lifetime.  This weekend that is exactly what I did.  I absolutely love riding the back roads of this great country.  I call it seeing the true America.  Sure you can see scenery from the interstate rolling 70 mph.  But really folks,  slow down and take the two lanes to get the true feel of our great country.

Let’s take a moment and see what makes a great ride.  To me it takes only a very few things.  First thing is a great route.  Be honest, if the road isn’t fun to ride then the ride isn’t that fun.  We need twists and curves to add excitement to the ride.  Throw in some breath-taking scenery and the senses are soaking in the flavor.  Speaking of flavor you’ve got to eat.  A great meal is a must on any ride.  Especially one with a group.  That gives us another essential for a ride.  The friends we ride with.  Face it, what good is a story without friends to share it with.

Our ride today had all these elements so how could it be anything other than spectacular?  The temps for the start of the ride were in the thirties.  Yes that’s what I said thirties.  We didn’t let that stop us because the forecast called for upper sixties before the day was over.  Our first stop after making our way down some great twisties was for food.  Not just food, trash plates.  That’s right I ate trash and loved it.  The little eatery at the cross roads know as Payne’s Store is fantastic.  Well worth the hour it took us on our route to start the day.

Leaving Payne’s Store we took highway 25 over through Hartsville where we turned north onto highway 10.  10 took us into Lafayette and the intersection of highway 52.  We would spend the next couple hours taking our time enjoying the sights, curves and scenery on 52.  Oh how could I forget we got close to nature as well.  Perhaps a better way to put it would be to say nature got close to us.  Specifically a deer.  It was one of those you had to be there to see it and believe it situations.  If you’ve seen the video online of the deer jumping over the rider then you will have some idea of what it was like.  Word has it from one of the eye witnesses that after the deer made it across the road and my bike for that matter, the deer turned around and gave me the finger.  Or would that be the hoof?  Either way no one or no wildlife was harmed in the making of these memories.

Soon we turned north on U.S 127 and rode to the Alvin C. York Home.   This quiet little setting on the banks of the Wolfe River is very peaceful. You can see all sorts of family photos and belongings of the most highly decorated citizen soldier of World War I.  Across the river from the house is the grist mill.  What a beautiful setting for a park.  On this day there were many families enjoying picnics and using the playground.  I think a few folks were even fishing.

Continuing north on U.S. 127 we stopped  at the general store located at Forbus.  Most of us enjoyed a taste of some of the fudge that they make there.  A couple of us devoured thick cut bologna sandwiches while others had some hand dipped ice cream.  We even sat on the porch and chatted with the locals.  Even though one of the so-called locals wasn’t from around there.  No hiding that New York accent around me.  Uh huh I’m too cleaver for that.

Just north of here we turned onto highway 111 south and soon came across our final stop for the day.  The Cordell Hull Birthplace Historic park is located just off the highway in the rolling hills around Dale Hollow Lake.  It’s interesting to me to sit and think of how the visions of a man from such a humble beginning changed the world.  Hull  is known as the father of the United Nations.  I can’t help but wonder what Hull would think of the state of his U.N. today.

We continued south on 111 into Cookeville where we jumped onto Interstate 40 over to Lebanon and then took 840 back into Murfreesboro.  All in all it was around 329 miles for the day.  Not too shabby don’t ya think.  We learned some things about the history of our nation and enjoyed the company of friends.  All this while partaking in this passion we all share of riding our motorcycles.

Ride Safe,


Cumberland Falls State Resort Park is located near Corbin Kentucky on highway 90.  The entire area is loaded with great roads to ride.  This is one of the many parks built by the Civilian Conservation Corps   The Dupont Lodge is a sight to behold with its Hemlock beams and knotty pine.  This rustic building is very warm and inviting.  There is a great restaurant located inside the Dupont Lodge. 


For me the best feature of this wonderful Kentucky State Park is by far the falls.  This is one of only two places known to have a moonbow.  That’s right,  you can view a moonbow here at the falls on clear moonlit nights.  The water was muddy and murky for our trip due to all the rain that we’d had.  I hope to return to this beautiful scenic park when the water is not so dirty.  Once again I spotted the “Love Buzzard” out swooping down on two women.  Here you will see Spydie’s friend Janet and his sister Lena falling under the wings of the “Love Buzzard”.  Be ever vigilant when you are out and about because you just never know where that ol’ “Love Buzzard” will strike next.Ride safe,



Well it had to happen.  I’ve been on vacation for the past ten days and it’s been wonderful.  Not only was this the longest vacation I’ve ever taken but it was also the best.  Now I didn’t get all the things done I had hoped to do, but who cares?  I’ve crisscrossed the great state of  Tennessee and seen some beautiful sights.  I’ve made memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life.  I’ve taken tons of photographs.  Some of which I’ll share here on the blog.

Now I’ve been behind on my post for some time  and even more so now.  The good thing about this is that we all have something to look forward to.  Most importantly I’ve been able to clearly see the vision I have for this blog and the dreams I’ve been working on for most of my life.  With the help and encouragement of  some very wonderful people I will be able to accomplish these dreams.

Much like this past week life isn’t always bright and sunny.  I’ve ridden in the rain on more than one occasion this week.  I’ve been honored to attend the funeral of a fallen hero.  I’ve worked muscles that I had forgotten about having.  Man I once could have cut and split firewood for days on end.  Sucks to get old.  ha-ha-ha-ha

I hope the memories from this past week last throughout my lifetime.  Thanks to all the special people who did or didn’t do things to make those memories.   Yes all good things must come to an end.  Tonight it’s back to trailer trailer trucking.  It’s one of those necessary evils I must endure in order to support my habits.  Someone has to pay for C.C.

Ride Safe


I know it’s been a while, believe me I know. It seemed that September was not meant for me to ride this year. Between rain and rain and more rain and being sick I didn’t get any miles on C.C. After having a fun little go with what can only be described as a mild form of the black plague I had missed enough.

Saturday afternoon I opened the garage door and prepared for some scooter time. It was wonderful to get back in tune with the world. I started off slowly by riding down to visit some friends in the ‘Boro. In doing so I was able to witness something that I’m not very well versed at. I believe he called it washing his bike. Strange sight for sure.

Next I was headed to visit some more friends. By this time it had began to get dark. That is except for that lightning from the thunderstorm in the distance. Before I knew it I too was in the distance and pulling over to put on my rain suite. It was Saturday so a bath was in order. Nothing like coughing up pieces of lung as you ride along on your merry way in the dark during a thunderstorm.

The rain wasn’t the only thing to drown me this night. You see it had been a while since I’d enjoyed the company of this group of friends. The love that I was swimming in from these folks did wonders for healing me. Nothing like sitting around a large table eating some great chili with your friends warming your heart and soul as the chili warms your belly.

Soon I was headed to hang out with another dear friend for the rest of the evening and half the next day for that matter. I just love an impromptu overnighter.

The miles clicked on the odometer today were few. The distance traveled by the heart and soul were many. Sometimes the best trips we take are measured in time and not distance.

Ride Safe,


All of us enjoy things that we experience as we ride around on our motorcycles.  For some it’s the sound of a rumbling V-twin.  Others enjoy the quiet ride of a horizontally opposed engine.  Yet others enjoy the simplicity and ease of  a Vespa so that they can quickly manuever or stop for that perfect photograph.  Personally I enjoy taking in all the scenery and unique sights of this wonderful country of ours.  One of my friends is continually on the lookout for old things.  Things most people have forgotten about.  The old saying of one man’s junk is another man’s treasure comes to mind.


Several of us enjoy the beauty and mystery of old barns.  Today I’m going to tell you about a new barn with old things inside.  At first look you might think this barn is just like any other barn.  I hope you soon understand that you truly can’t judge a book by its cover.




Everyone knows that if you are going to have a barn then it’s an unwritten law that you must have a tractor.  Well let’s see we have toy tractors, pictures of tractors and advertisements about tractors.  Oh!  I suppose I had better include real tractors.  Here is an old Model G John Deere Tractor.


What else would you expect to find in a barn.  Well let’s see…………ummmmm how about some horse tack.


There are many things in this collection of antiques.  There are everyday items from days gone by to old store displays.  There are even a few things to remind us of some of the not so wonderful times in America.  Some of the items have special meaning.  I’ll keep those things to myself.    I hope you enjoy these next few photographs and the look inside a new barn full of old memories.  Hopefully I’ve given you some things to ponder as you ride around the countryside and see sites such as these.  Just remember you may be seeing One Man’s Museum.







Ride Safe


Early one Sunday morning my gal and I mounted C.C. headed out to meet some friends in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.  Now some folks may feel that riding 120 miles before breakfast is a bit far, we don’t.  Everyone enjoyed a good breakfast and especially good fellowship.


First glimpse of this historic landmark brought to mind the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.  I would soon learn the reason for this.  I also learned of all the symbolic meaning behind most every aspect of this building.  To say the National Park Service employee was uber knowledgeable would be an understatement.  The Lincoln Memorial was indeed inspired by this structure.   You can learn more about this landmark by following this link.


This log cabin is not the exact home in which Lincoln lived.  This particular cabin was from the same time period and was moved to this site.


Taking a few minutes to contemplate what it must have been like to live in such a humble abode,  I truly appreciate the modern luxuries that I enjoy.  To say it was a simpler time would be hard to do.  Yes life was less cluttered with all the modern distractions we have.  Just image what life was like for the youngster Abe Lincoln.   Do you really think life was simpler?  More than likely the only clothes he had were on his back.  People truly worked for their food either by growing it or hunting it.  We simply have to hunt through the refrigerator or menu for our next meal.

Should you find yourself anywhere close to Hodgenville, Kentucky take the time to stop and visit this National Park.  I think you will be glad that you did.

Ride Safe,


From time to time while we are out on our travels we see things that reach right inside our chest and grab hold of our hearts.  Last Sunday I had one such experience.  You see I get to thinking that I’m calloused from all the bad and even horrific things that I’ve seen in my life.  Honestly I’m grateful to know that sometimes something still moves me.

I was out on Doll Baby pre-ridding the route for a chapter ride that I will be leading when I saw something that just got hold of me.  Often times I see things and get my camera out to take some photographs to share with everyone.  On occasion I will be selfish and just keep the things I see etched into my memory.  Even still there is the rare sight that I just don’t think would be respectful to photograph.  Today was such a day.

You see I was traveling down one of our scenic back roads and stopped to take a break near an old cemetery.  While I sat there and soaked in the beauty of all that was around me I heard the rumble of a large V-twin slow and then stop.  I turned and spotted an older biker getting off his wide glide.  This man with his long beard and ragged clothing made his way over to one of the markers in the cemetery.  You could tell from his broken and labored gait that he had seen and done some painful things in his life.  I couldn’t help but think of Steph and her “O D B” (old dirty biker) line of shirts.

Reaching the grave marker the biker knelt down and bowed his head.  I have no idea what he was saying but I could tell this was hallowed ground.  I could see this old guy take his bandanna from his hip pocket and wipe tears from his eyes.  My first instinct was to grab my camera and capture this moment to share.  Then almost instantly I thought better of the idea.  I knew I needed to only capture this image in my mind and hopefully find the words to convey what it was that I saw to you.

I was touched in my heart by this man’s sorrow.  Often I think that nothing gets to me anymore.  Today I was greatful that it still moves me when I see such a sight.   What better honor than to have someone pay there respects to a friend or loved one that has passed on before us.

I Salute this Man,