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Sometimes it’s what you don’t feel about someone that gives you the assurance that you need to progress with the rest of your life with them.


The past twenty-four hours or so has found me surrounded by beauty.  The beauty of some wonderful landscapes. The beauty of good weather. The beauty of good people. Not the least of which was the beauty of love.  In fact I believe I’ve witnessed more love than anytime in the recent past.

I was fortunate enough to participate in the wedding of two of the finest folks I know.  The setting was outside a home built in 1800 down in South Caroline. As you can imagine the architecture was amazing.  The surround fields and woods more than did their part as well.  Friends and family surrounded the couple to share their love as well.  Seeing how these families interacted with one another was refreshing.  In fact this couple’s love has endured the test of time and distance alike.  I can’t help but believe it will continue for a very long time to come.

I also had the great fortune to meet someone with an amazing smile.  A smile so brilliant that it sparkled much like a diamond would in the noontime sun.  A smile that immediately etched a permanent place deep within the hollowed out stone that once held my heart.  Have you ever met someone and immediately knew they would always have a place in your life?  This was one such person.

The inspiration I’ve gleaned from this weekend is so refreshing and appreciated.  In fact I jumped off the interstate down and Georgia and took back roads up to my home in Tennessee.  In doing so I was able so marinate my thoughts and soak in further beauty while admiring my beloved landscape of Tennessee.  My ole pickup truck may not be the same as riding a scooter on these scenic byways.  But I assure you that it filled my soul with much-needed rest and relaxation.

Take the time to look around and enjoy the journey,