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Tag Archives: Mistakes

Driving home tonight I was enjoying IIIrd Tyme Out singing Erase The Miles. Feeling the results of the 3,000 plus miles I’ve travelled this week had me thinking.  What if I could erase all the miles that I’ve travelled? What if I could take away all the pain? What if I could take away all the bad choices?  What would that mean?

Upon pondering all those questions I came to but one conclusion.  No matter how long and painful all those miles were, if I erased even one I wouldn’t be where I am today.  I’ve made more than my share of poor choices through the years.  But by the grace of God I’ve made a few that were good. Miraculously and in spite of myself I’ve made it this far.  That hasn’t always been easy.

This week brought some of the longest workdays that I’ve had in a while.  This week brought me many things to study on.  This week brought many deep meaningful conversations.  This week brought lots of laughter. But, this week brought it’s share of tears as well.

I can’t erase the miles. No matter how long, rugged and winding the road has been.  Those miles are there.  I’m high mileage for sure. Hopefully I have a few more miles left in me.  I see something and someone on the horizon.  It’s time to focus on what or who lies before me and not look too oft at what and who are left behind.  The events and participants etched within the confines of my granite fort will remain.  That includes the pain. Sure it will remind me of where I’ve come from. But in some way it has led me to the path which lies before.

One foot in front of the other. One step at a time.