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Life can oft seem as though it is one constant turmoil.  We fight many battles as we walk its pathway. Our foes are many.  The worst of which is one’s self. We are our harshest critic.  From the beginning of time man has struggled with being alone.  The joys of life are amazing.  Yet having someone, the right one to share them with is the most rewarding of all.

There is no perfect life. There are no perfect couples. There are no perfect people.  Even the best of these have their battles.  You see it is the way in which we come together to work out these battles that gives us that wholeness.  Being able to accept one another’s imperfections and still cherish the love you share is the prize.

Years I spent looking and wandering through this world. Years I spent wondering and pondering if you were out there. Years I spent not truly living a life I had given up on. Then in an instant it all changed.  One smile. One hand shake. One hot day in August of 2015 my life was forevermore changed.

Yes, we argue.  Yes, we have disagreements. Yes, we don’t always see eye to eye.  In all our imperfections we find understanding. We find answers. We find one another. We find respect. We find a future. We find our life as one.  We found our love.

One gorgeously amazing woman had the keys to my heart.  One gorgeously amazing women erased the pains of the past.  One gorgeously amazing woman knows how to push me to the edge.  One gorgeously amazing woman has brought me a new focus. One gorgeously amazing woman has shown me how to live life.

That gorgeously amazing woman who brought me peace in all our imperfections is the only woman who deserves to be my wife.

Ride safe,







Years ago I started doing this online blogging thing on MySpace.  Honestly it’s been so long since I’ve been to that site that I couldn’t remember how to log in if I had to.  Soon I decided that venue wasn’t working for me.  That’s when I found Blogger.  For a few years that’s where I wrote and posted photos.  Once again I wasn’t happy with the venue so I found WordPress, the current home of Rides Roads and Ronman.  Here I’ve been posting for the past few years.

Over that time the content here has varied.  Granted when I started this I was all about motorcycles and the activities surrounding them. Now that part of my life is a chapter full of memories.  Throughout that time I’ve met both online and in person, many people.  The current BIG thing is FaceBook.  You meet someone and immediately you want to connect on FaceBook.  Doing so brought the number of friends to well over a thousand.  The problem with that was that I felt so disconnected.  In time I cut that number back.  Nothing personal if you aren’t still on the dwindling list.  Well for most of you anyway.  For others it was personal.

The point I’m trying to make is that I found myself to be far too cluttered.  That clutter spilled over into every aspect of my life. My house. My vehicles. My yard. My mind.  Soon I was posting to several social media sites.  Instagram, Twitter and several others.  Many of the people I knew from both real life and online posted to these sites as well.  What became obvious is that we were posting the same things to all of our sites.  Granted there were some slight variations.

In looking back over this blog I can clearly see that the more I posted to the other sites the less I posted here.  The answer was clear.  I decided to delete my accounts at the many other sites.  In doing so I hope to increase my postings once again here at Rides Roads and Ronman.  I also hope to get back my eye for photography.  I can’t remember the last time I used the old SLR to capture photographs.

Please know that I am grateful for all of you who take the time to read what I write.  I’m continually humbled by that.  Some of you have followed me from the get go. Others have joined in along the way.  The mode of transportation may have changed from what you were used to.  However the journey that I’m on is still the same.  That journey is simply one man’s life and the pathway before him.

Thank you for following along,


Sometimes it’s what you don’t feel about someone that gives you the assurance that you need to progress with the rest of your life with them.

The journey of life continually surprises me.  I’ve learned to expect the unexpected.  Sometimes we can clearly see the path which we tread onwardly on.  Other times we slowly pick our way through the darkness.  Each of us chooses the route we take.  Granted there are factors not always known to us.  How we react to those factors determines where our journeys carry us.

Sometimes in our journeys we can see the hilltops rising before us.  Other times we are so deep in the valleys of life that we can’t even see our feet below us.  Traveling upward and onward we often slip and slide down the hillsides.  Those around us may assist in the slide.  Just as easily those around us may assist in pulling us back up toward the peaks.  More often than not we are left to our own devices in climbing out of the slippery slope.

Once in a lifetime we find ourselves climbing and sliding with one special someone. Someone who is there to hold on during the slide. Someone who is willing to dig in along side of you and help both of you reach the hilltop. That climb takes persistence, patience and a partner.  Neither one can give up if the climb to the hilltop is to be successful.

Unfortunately our past experiences can bring doubt.  The failures of the those not willing to do what it takes to succeed will tarnish the one who stands beside us during these trying times.  None of us are perfect. We all make mistakes.  Do we let those mistakes destroy our partnership?  Do we look within ourselves and find the reasons we have this partner?

I say we tie ourselves off to one another and reenforce our efforts to reach the top. I say we build upon our strengths and work side by side in reaching the hilltops which allow us to view the glorious future pathways which lay beyond. Our footing takes grip on those foundations. One step in front of the other I pray the journey never ends.


Driving home tonight I was enjoying IIIrd Tyme Out singing Erase The Miles. Feeling the results of the 3,000 plus miles I’ve travelled this week had me thinking.  What if I could erase all the miles that I’ve travelled? What if I could take away all the pain? What if I could take away all the bad choices?  What would that mean?

Upon pondering all those questions I came to but one conclusion.  No matter how long and painful all those miles were, if I erased even one I wouldn’t be where I am today.  I’ve made more than my share of poor choices through the years.  But by the grace of God I’ve made a few that were good. Miraculously and in spite of myself I’ve made it this far.  That hasn’t always been easy.

This week brought some of the longest workdays that I’ve had in a while.  This week brought me many things to study on.  This week brought many deep meaningful conversations.  This week brought lots of laughter. But, this week brought it’s share of tears as well.

I can’t erase the miles. No matter how long, rugged and winding the road has been.  Those miles are there.  I’m high mileage for sure. Hopefully I have a few more miles left in me.  I see something and someone on the horizon.  It’s time to focus on what or who lies before me and not look too oft at what and who are left behind.  The events and participants etched within the confines of my granite fort will remain.  That includes the pain. Sure it will remind me of where I’ve come from. But in some way it has led me to the path which lies before.

One foot in front of the other. One step at a time.